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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 9: Dark Times

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You'll see a cutscene with Elle outside the house.

Then you, Wheeler, and Elle will take a boat to Silent Hill. The Order comes and kidnaps Elle. You get knocked off the boat and fall in the water.

You awaken in a foggy area, near the water.

Head up the stairs.

Keep climbing until you reach a gap to jump across.

After the gap there will be a place to climb.

Climb up the ladder you find here too.

Duck under a hole in the wall.

Walk across Sagan Street to start a cut scene.

Head South on Sagan Street to the Bait Shop.

Duck under the fence.

Take the Child's Drawing here.

Take the pistol ammunition.

Use the save point.

Go back to Sagan Street and continue following it. You will find a plank bridge to cross.

When you get to the prison you will find there is no way in.

Continue along the road and go through the door you find.

Go toward the gate (circled on your map.) When you reach it you will find it is electrified and you can't enter. You will need to shut the power down.

Head towards the Boiler Room on your map. Defeat any Ferals along the way.

Enter the Boiler Room door.

Walk down the stairs and continue through the Boiler Room. You will fight a Lurker in the water here.

You will find a health drink near the upper boilers, labeled on your map.

Climb the stairs and exit through the Western door.

On your map, head for the indent in the Alchemilla Hospital. There will be some Lurkers to fight along the way.

Enter the gate found here.

On a bench you will find a Serum.

Head North up Wilson Street, toward the Toluca Lake Offices, fighting Ferals and Lurkers along the way.

Enter the Toluca Lake Offices.

Examine the newspaper on a table here.

On another table is some ammo to pick up.

Go through the door to the North to reach the Lower Landing.

Head West to the office.

Take the health drink.

Head South and jump across the gap you find.

You will find a Save Point here.

Hack through the boarded door with your axe.

Go into the Kitchen to get the Toluca Lake Water and Power Key.

Exit the Kitchen.

Jump back over the gap, then go East to the Lower Landing.

Use the key on the locked door here.

Go through the doors you encounter.

Go stright and look to your right.

You will see a schematic of the power station.

Go out into the open and look up at the second floor. You will see Order members. Shoot one and they will start attacking you.

Defeat the Order members and then climb up the ledge.

Climb up the ladder to the second floor.

Go to your right and follow the path.

Keep close to the wall.

Take the first aid kit you come across.

Head East. Near the Foreman's Office door you will find some ammo.

Rotate the valve for Station B.

Drop down from the second floor.

Head East, toward the AUX Generator A.

Keep an eye out on the right for some ammo.

Grab the ammo.

Go back to the ledge and step down.

Turn the valve at Station A.

Step back up the ledge.

Climb up the ladder to the second floor.

Turn the valve for station C.

Pull the turbine control switch to turn off the power.

Drop down to the first floor again.

There will be Order members, fight or avoid them.

Step down.

Exit the room the way you came in.

Go up the short steps and through the next door.

You may want to go back and save your game again. After you do, exit the Toluca Lake Offices the way you came in.

Head South to the Boiler Room, fighting Ferals along the way.

Enter the Boiler Room door.

Head down the stairs and through the Boiler Room the opposite direction you did the first time.

Climb up the stairs and exit the Boiler Room.

Head North to the Gate. As you get there, a Siam will bust through it. Defeat it.

Head through the gate.

Pick up the health drink on the trash can.

In the back of a truck you will find the Pulaski Axi.

Head North to reach the front of the penitentiary.

Enter the penitentiary doors.