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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 7: Town Hall

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You will wake up in the original Scarlet's room.

The doll will be broken on the ground with a key next to it. Take the key.

Leave Doctor Fitch's office.

Head East, toward Town Hall.

Once you reach Town Hall, enter the double doors.

Go through the left door.

Defeat or run by the smog.

Enter the save room at the back of the building and save your game.

Go back to the door with the boards over it (near the front left of Town Hall) and use the axe to hack it open.

Push the bookcase to find a Child's Drawing.

Go into the center room and use the key from Scarlet's room on the cross lock found on the desk.

This will open up two doorways in the ground. Either will take you to the same place.

After going down one of these paths, you should find a first aid kit here.

Continue down the Hallway found here.

Defeat the nurses you find.

Examine the four books you find in each corner of the room.

On one wall you will find a cross. Examine it.

You will open it and obtain a Ceremonial Dagger.

A flashback will show that the hilt of the dagger matches the doorknob on your dad's secret room.

Use the dagger on the locked door, between two of the books.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a ladder. Climb up here.

Use the dagger on the door you find here as well.

You'll find that you're back in Founder's Garden of the Rose Heights Cemetary.

Walk forward and open the door in front of you with the dagger.

Take the serum found here.

Go to the South-West corner of Founder's Garden and exit up the stairs, toward Founder's Row.

Drop down the ledge here.

Duck under the hole.

You will come across multiple Smogs. Defeat or avoid them.

Behind where the Smogs were there is some ammo and a serum.

Duck through the hole to the West.

Head through Founder's Row, then through Family Crypts Mid, until you reach Family Crypts North. There you will find a boarded up crypt. Use your axe to open it.

Inside the crypt you will find the Chrome Hammer Pistol.

Use the save point in Family Crypts North. Continue backtracking until you reach your backyard. Fight or avoid enemies on the way.

Go in the backdoor of your house.

Use the axe on the boarded door in the kitchen.

Take the First Aid kit inside this room.

Go back outside and then enter the basement of the house.

Go through the cut tarp, toward the secret room.

Use the Ceremonial Dagger to open the secret room.

Take the key found on the cutting block.

Take the shotgun found here.

Exit the room and climb the stairs to the main floor of the house.

Climb to the second story of the house.

Use the key to open the door at the end of the hall.

Continue through the door to enter the attic. Climb the stairs.

You will find a photo here.

Push a bookcase at one end of the room to reveal a door. Enter this door.

Read the document on the table.

Investigate the puzzle on the desk.

The goal is to move the puzzle pieces to match the symbol on the wall (right above the puzzle.) The top corners will be empty.

When it is complete it should look like this.

The desk drawer will open and you will find a map and a letter from your dad.

Go downstairs, to the main floor of the house. You will talk to your mom.

Some members of the order will come and kidnap your mom. The house will change into a hellstate form.