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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 5: Sewers

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Step Down the ledge.

Continue forward until you reach a gate. Rotate the valve to open it. Elle will go through and hold it open for you.

Duck under the gate.

Head forward and left. Step up.

Follow the path and then step down.

Fight the lurker in the water.

Continue forward and step up on the ledge.

Pick up the ammo on the large tank.

Step down into the next path.

Continue forward until you can step up on your left.

Equip your steel pipe to pry open the gate.

Rotate the valve to open a path up ahead.

Step back down out of this area and continue forward until you can climb up on the right side of the hall.

Here you will see a place to climb down and a save point. First save your game and enter the room right past the save point.

In this room you will find some ammo and a map of the sewers.

Look at the map. You started at the far left Gate, went through Gate 13, then Gate 4. You went left at Gate 4 and used the Bilge Control Valve to drain the Bilge Tank.

Climb down into the Bilge Tank.

Climb up the other side of the Bilge Tank.

Head toward Gate 8 and climb up the East dead end path.

Pick up the health drink, then drop down and continue towards Gate 8.

Rotate Gate 8's valve.

Elle will climb under the gate and then explain that there is no way for her to open it for you.

Head back to Gate 4. There will be enemies along the way. You can either fight them or just run by them.

Elle will open Gate 4 for you. Duck under it.

There will be another needler to fight, but not as tough because it will focus some of it's attacks on Elle.

Head towards the Sluice Drain and climb up the offshoot to the right.

Grab the ammo in the pipe.

Step back down and continue toward the Sluice Drain.

There will be more needlers to fight along the way.

Climb up the ledge you reach.

Climb down the ladder.

Cross over the bridge.

Step down into the water and continue forward.

Defeat the Lurker so Elle can cross the Spillway.

Climb out the other side of the Spillway and then climb the ladder you find there.

There will be a needler to fight up here.

After the needler is defeated, pull the lever on the wall. It will open the door you see in the picture. Enter this room.

Pick up the ammo you find in the corner.

Head out the East door.

Go North and drop down.

Go into the door on your right.

Save your game here. There is a big battle up ahead. Be careful not to save your game in the middle of the battle because a bug may make it so you can't continue any further. Once your game is saved, exit back out of this room.

Climb down and continue towards the Main Drain Chamber.

Once you reach the Main Drain Chamber continue walking straight across the room.

You will come to a gate with a valve. Open the valve and Elle will go through.

Elle will explain that there is no way to open it from her side.

A battle with several Needlers will begin. They will come out of the holes found on the North and South wall. My strategy was to wait by the North wall and wait for a Needler to appear. When it comes out, dodge it's first attack and then counter-attack with a strong knife or axe hit. Sometimes it will fall to the ground and you can defeat it quickly before more gang up on you.

Once the needlers are defeated a Siam will attack. Dodge and counter-attack or use your shotgun to defeat it.

The gate will open once the battle is won.

Go through the gate and continue East until you reach a place to climb up on your left.

Pick up the photo you find here.

Step back down and continue forward. You will come across a blood trail and Elle's radio.

At the end of the passage you will find a ladder that takes you out of the sewers, go up it.

You will exit onto the road near your house.