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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 3: Hotel

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You awaken in Silent Hill and see Josh run across the street into the Grand Hotel. You are unable to follow because the door is boarded up.

Keep moving down the street. You will come across a Fire Truck.

Take a right down an alley and fight the Smog you find here.

Follow the alley to what appears to be a dead end. Climb down when the game gives you the option.

Moving ahead you will see the Fire Truck again. Duck under it.

Pick up the Fire Axe you see here. Now head back to the Grand Hotel.

Select the Fire Axe with the R1 button and swing it to break the boards on the doorway. Josh is no longer here. Head through the double doors to enter the Hotel.

You will be in an entry hallway. Take the path on the right to find a Health Drink.

Go back to the entry hallway and continue until you reach the Lobby. Josh will once again run away from you.

Behind the counter you will see a map for the Grand Hotel. Take this and then continue to the West, toward a room labeled "E" (for Elevator) on your map.

Jump across the gap by pressing the X button.

You will see a toolbox to your right. Examine it to pick up a Maintenance Key. Return back the way you came, fight a Smog, and exit the Hotel.

On your map you will see an alley on the West side of the Grand Hotel. Heading that direction, you will fight another Smog. Continue to the alley and you will find a locked gate blocking your path. Use the Maintenance Key to open the gate. Continue walking through the gate to find a Health Drink on the left wall.

On the opposite wall there is a circuit box to examine, which will start the wiring puzzle. There are five different colored wires that you can manipulate in this order - yellow, white, purple, blue, and green. Move your thumbstick and then press X to select a wire. Now move that wire so it connects where you wish at the bottom of the panel. When you are happy with your placement, press X again. You can test if the wires are in the correct position by pressing the square button. The more wires you have correct, the more red lights will turn to green during the test. The solution is to attach the wires in this order - white, yellow, blue, purple, green. When the puzzle is solved, the lights will come back on in the Grand Hotel. Head back inside the Hotel.

Go West through the Hotel until you reach the gap right before the "E" (Elevator) room. On the wall next to that doorway you will see a button. Press it to call the elevator.

Go inside the elevator. You will find some Pistol Ammo on the ground you can pick up.

Use the buttons in the elevator to go to the 5th floor.

As the elevator climbs, you will be attacked by a Needler, perhaps the most difficult enemy so far. I suggest shooting it with your Mk 23 Handgun to take care of it more easily. It will fall and jump back up on the elevator several times before you finish it off. When it is defeated the elevator will drop back down a bit and get stuck right below the 3rd floor.

Climb out of the elevator.

To the South you will see a large painting on the wall. Examine it and then use your knife to cut through it.

Squeeze through the gap in the painting. Notice on your map room 306 appeared. The door to room 306 is currently locked, but there is a photo of Joey Bartlett in the tree house you can take here.

Duck under the hole in the wall to reach room 302 and use the save point if needed.

Go North, out the door of room 302, to the main hallway. You will begin talking to a woman, who is in room 301. Talk to her and agree to help her.

Enter room 303. On the West wall you will see some writing. Examine it to add a clue to your Journal.

Exit room 303 and go to the center of the map. Go South through a broken wall. Squeeze and duck under objects until you arrive in room 307.

Continue North and follow the hall to room 308. Enter the room. On one of the walls you will find another clue written to put in your Journal.

Exit room 308 and continue East down the hall. At the dead end, go South. You will see a boarded hole in the wall. Hack through with your Fire Axe. Enter the hole to reach room 309.

In the center of this room there is a bunch of rubble. Use it to climb to the fourth floor through a hole in the roof.

You have climbed into room 408. Go to room 406 through a hole in the wall.

There is a note from Carol you can read here.

Exit room 406 to the hallway. Head West, toward room 402. There may be Swarms and a Nurse to fight. To your left you should find another note to read from the Hospital.

Continue down the hall and enter room 402. Push the dresser to reveal a hole in the wall.

Walk through the hole to reach room 404.

Check in the bathroom cabinet to collect an Alchemilla Postcard, one of the memories that the lady in room 301 asked you for.

Head back to room 406. A cutscene will begin, showing a Boogeyman (known as "Pyramid Head" in the other Silent Hill games.)

Kill the Swarms that attack you. Room 405's door is now open - head in.

Inside room 405 you'll see a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and it will lead you to room 407.

Exit to the hallway, using room 407's door.

Use your axe to hack into room 408's bathroom. Some more Swarms may attack here.

Collect the Serum on the sink. Go back into the hallway and head North-East toward the stairwell.

Using your axe, hack through the boarded doors in front of the stairwell. Continue through the hole you reveal.

Climb the stairs until you reach a gap you must jump. Press X to jump across, then continue climbing the stairs.

A Needler will attack you as you enter the 5th Floor. These creatures are a bit more challenging than what you've encountered before. It's best to dodge their attack (L2 + O), and then counter-attack. Avoid hitting them head-on, they will block most of your damage. I found the pistol useful for doing damage from a distance, but the Needler will block many shots, so you may waste precious ammo as well.

After you defeat the Needler, you will find a gap in the floor to the South. Jump across the gap and take the Health Drink.

Head down the hall and into room 508. In the room you will find a hole in the floor. Defeat the Swarms that come out of the hole and attack you.

You will find a note here about Carol's affair. Exit back to the hallway.

Head to room 505 and use your axe to hack your way inside.

Push the dresser your find inside room 505 to reveal a hole in the wall. Go through the hole to room 507.

On the bed you will find a Lakeside Amusement Park Postcard to collect. This is the second memory for the lady in room 301.

There is also a note on the dressor you can read about the Mayor's odd habits.

Look in room 507's bathroom to collect a Health Drink.

Head back to the hallway, toward room 504. Defeat the Needler that attacks you.

Use your axe to hack into room 504, then enter the room.

Collect the Pistol Ammunition found on the bed, then exit back to the hallway.

Duck under a hole in the hallway wall to reach room 503's bathroom.

Room 503 will have a hole in the floor. Climb down the hole to reach room 403.

Go into room 403's bathroom and collect the final memory for the lady, the Toluca Lake Postcard.

Retrace your steps back to floor 3, fighting Needlers, Nurses, and Smog along the way. Talk to the lady in room 301. She will be thankful for the memories and give you the Strange Key.

Return to room 302. Squeeze back through the hole in the wall to reach the room that contains a locked door to room 306. Use the Strange Key to unlock the door, then go inside.

You will see your brother, Josh. Jump Across the gap to reach him.

You won't quite make the jump. You ask Josh for help, but he doesn't respond. Soon you will fall back to Floor 1.

When you get back up, look at the tables near you. One of them will have some Pistol Ammunition and a Health Drink for you to collect.

Use the save point on the East wall.

Head South, through the doors into the Atrium.

Continue South through the Atrium and attempt to open the doors in your path. They will be locked.

Walk North, toward the doors you just came through. You will see a Hellstate transition. Now go South again and go through the doors, which are now unlocked.

Talk to Mayor Bartlett. Dialog selections using the Triangle Button are more polite, while the Square Button is more forceful. When the conversation is through, you will be at your first boss battle.