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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Back on Second Floor

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Continue through the West Doors and you will find Robbie behind some cell doors again. Press the Triangle button to answer his questions. He will ask you to find his Robbie doll for him.

Head into the Nurse Center for a Health Drink and Save Point. Continue South and enter room 203. You will find Robbie the Rabbit getting sucked from room 203 to 204. Reach inside and repeatedly press the button indicated to pull your arm and Robbie back through the hole. More swarm bugs will attack you. Defeat them and head back to Joshua.

When you reach the cell door in front of Josh, open your inventory and select Robbie. Josh will start to reach for it and then run away. The cell door will open. You can pick up Josh's drawing on the ground and you will find another one on the door to room 206. Continue to the end of the hall.

You will find an elevator here. Press the button on the wall and enter. Soon you will hear scraping noises. Suddenly you will be stabbed.

You awake out of what appears to have been a dream. You are in a truck headed toward Shepherd's Glen.