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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 4: Sheriff's Station

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You suddenly find yourself locked in a jail cell with no way out. All your inventory is also missing.

Wait a while and a light will come on and Deputy Wheeler will arrive. Answer his questions truthfully (the X button choice) and he will release you.

Follow Deputy Wheeler until you come to a save room. Save your game.

Continue following Deputy Wheeler. A cutscene will happen and he will tell you to go get your gear.

Run down the hallway and a schism will break out of a door on your right. Dodge past it and continue down the hall, entering a door on your right.

Take the photo of Wheeler and Adam in a police boat here.

Exit back into the hall. Continue until you read the Sherriff's office.

Enter the Sherriff's office and collect your gear.

Wheeler will meet back up with you and Elle will call on the radio. Wheeler will give you a shotgun.

On the way out of the office you will notice a map on a table. Pick it up to make navigating the area easier.

When you reenter the hallway with Wheeler a siam will break into the room and separate you and wheeler. Use your axe to break through the boarded door to the north.

You will be attacked by multiple schisms here. They are fairly tough in groups, so I would suggest using your guns to take them out. Once you kill the first two a few more will come.

Hop over the broken window to enter a room and grab a health drink.

In the bathroom you will find another health drink on the sink.

Continue East down the hallway. Once you reach a bend in the hall, you will find a hole in the right side of the wall. Duck under the hole.

Dodge the enemies and run to the South-West corner of the room to collect some ammo.

Defeat the two schisms here.

In the South-East corner there is a door to hack with your axe.

Continue through the double doors South of you.

You are in the garage. You will see a schism behind a stack of tires. He shouldn't notice you right away. It gives you a good opportunity to get a shot off at him before he attacks.

Pull the lever inside the garage office to open the garage door. There is also a locker with a 3 digit combination here. Try 206 as the combination to get a health drink and some ammo.

Duck under the garage door to reach the parking lot where Elle is waiting.

A siam will attack. If you have any shotgun ammo it can be helpful in killing it easier.

Using your axe you can dodge it's attacks (hold L2 and press O)

After you successfully dodge, do a strong attack (Hold L2 and press Square)

After the battle, Elle and Alex will escape down into the sewers.