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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 2: Missing Persons

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You are in Shepherd's Glen. The buildings are boarded up and the only way to go is East, toward Craven Ave. As you reach Craven Ave. you will start a cutscene with Judge Holloway.

Keep heading East and enter the Town Hall. Once you are in the town hall, go straight through the first double doors you see, to the center room of the building. On the desk there will be a photo of your mom talking to Judge Holloway. Pick it up.

Through a door on the right side of the building you will find a room that contains Serum. Grab it and head toward the very back side of the building.

You should find a room with Judge Holloway in it. Talk to her and ask questions about the town and Elle. Next to Judge Holloway's room you will find another room that contains a Health Drink and Save Point.

Exit the Town Hall building. Head North onto Craven Ave., toward your house. Once you get close, you will be greeted with a short cutscene.

To the left of your house, near the garage, you will find a hole you can duck through. Follow this path and you will reach the playground. Here you will find another Child's Drawing and a Photo of a spider with army toys to collect. Go back to your house and enter the front door.

Go up the staircase on your left. At the top of the stairs take a left down the hall and enter the first door on your left. You should be in your room (and Robbie's room.) Pick up the flashlight on the bed.

You will be able to examine one of the bookcases to reveal a puzzle. This is very simple to solve, just move each book as far to the left as you can. A switch will be revealed, which will open a secret room when you move it.

Pick up the map that Robbie drew in crayon here.

Head out of your room and go back near the top of the stairs. Enter the double doors here. You are in your mom and dad's room. Enter the bathroom and pick up a cassette tape.

Go back downstairs. You will see a cutscene with your mom and get a gun from her that you can't use yet.

Follow the trail of water to the basement, which you will find flooded. There will be a new enemy here called a Lurker. It should be fairly easy to defeat him.

At one end of the room you will find a pump. Take the Garage Remote that is on top of the pump. You will need gas from the garage to operate the pump.

You will also find a tarp covering a hole in the basement wall. Cut the tarp and squeeze through. There is a door in this room labeled "Secret" on your map. When you try to open it, you will see a cutscene of your dad telling you to never go in there. You need a key to open this door. Go back upstairs to the first floor of your house.

Exit your house and stand in front of your garage. Press L1 to pull up your inventory and use your garage remote to open the garage door. A lurker will charge out at you. Defeat the lurker and then enter the garage.

On the left side of the room you will find a steel pipe to pick up. This can be used as a weapon or to pry things open. On the right side of the room there is another combat training manual to read. At the far end of the garage there is a gas can in a cabinet. You will need to press R1 to select your steel pipe as your current weapon, then pry the cabinet open by repeatedly pressing X and take the gas can.

Exit the garage. Defeat any lurkers that jump out at you. I recommend switching back to the combat knife when attacking the lurkers because you can swing it much faster. Duck through the small hole near the garage again to make your way to the park. At the south end of the park you there is a gate you need to pry open with your steel pipe.

Go South through the gate and you will come to a semi-truck. You will need to defeat a lurker here as well. On the side of the truck you will find an open gas tank. Press L1 to select your gas can and you will fill it up with gas from the truck. Head back to the basement of your house.

Stand in front of the pump and use the gas can to power the pump. The water will begin to drain in the room. Next to the pump there is a door that you can now unlatch and open. This will take you to the backyard.

In the backyard you will find another Child's Drawing on the fence and Robbie's backpack hanging on the gate of the fence. Take both of these. You will get a photo of dad's hunting room (the room marked secret) from Robbie's backpack. Go onto the back porch and enter the house.

You will be in the kitchen. To the left of you you should see an answering machine with no tape inside. Put your cassette tape from your inventory into the machine and you will be able to play it. Sometimes there will be a health drink inside the fridge. You can head East through a door. There is a note here that says your dad, Adam, is supposed to meet a man named Curtis. Go back to the backyard and go through the fence gate where you previously found the backpack.

Follow the path Southward to the Rose Heights Cemetary. In the first room of the cemetary you will find a map.

Pick up the map and then continue following the path to the East Garden.

You will see a man digging up graves here. Drop down a ledge nearby. You will be attacked by a skinless dog, called a Feral. Defeat the Feral and walk over to a broken fountain.

Take the Odd Stone Plate from the fountain. Climb out of the other side of the pit.

Take the Health Drink in the Gazebo here. Then head West, down the Family Crypts North path.

The fourth gate on the right (or where it would be) will have a save point inside you can use. Continue down the Family Crypts North path and take a left right before it deadends. There is a broken wall you can squeeze through here.

Go East on Family Crypts Mid. The next room to the North will have a Health Drink for you to pick up. Head to the room to the South and there will be another broken wall to duck under.

Continue going East on Family Crypts Mid as far as you can until you come to a padlocked gate. Go to the South room right before the gate and there is a broken wall to squeeze through. This should take you to Founders Row.

Head South and defeat any Feral attacks. Go through the southern-most gate and hop down to the lower level. Keep following the path to Founders Garden. There is a Feral in the center of this room. In the North-West corner of Founders Garden you will find a Health Drink. Continue North to West Garden.

Along the South wall of the West Garden you will find the second half of the Odd Stone Plate. Take it and head North.

You will encounter a locked gate. You will need to put both halves of the Odd Stone Plate in the gate for it to open.

Continue North to the Parking Lot and exit East. You will be back on Main Street. Follow Main Street West, to the S.G.P.D. Go toward the S.G.P.D. building and take a left to find a First Aid kit. Continue back down Main Street to the West. You will find Elle and she will give you a Walkie Talkie, which will alert you to monsters.

Head South on River View Road and West over the bridge. Enter the Junkyard.

Duck under the Fence up ahead and follow the path around the building. You will come to a hole you must squeeze through. Keep going until you reach the entrance to the building. Go inside and you will find Curtis.

Talk to Curtis and he will trade your gun for a working MK 23 handgun. Go behind the counter. You will find a ranged combat manual on top of the tool chest and some pistol ammunition on the counter.

Continue to the room behind Curtis' counter. On a washing machine you will find a map of the Junkyard. You will also find a Health Drink in a broken fridge and some more Pistol Ammunition in a toolbox. You can save your game here and then exit through the door to the West. Exit the Junkyard. There will be a Feral to fight after ducking under the fence.

Once you exit the Junkyard, cross the bridge. A battle with a Smog will begin. While you are fighting the Smog, pay special attention to it's fumes. The game will ask you to press the O button repeatedly to avoid the fumes. A good strategy is to do a few light attacks (X), than a heavy one (square), than dodge (O), while holding L2. Repeat this until you defeat him.

Head back to the Bartlett Mausoleum in the Cemetery, defeating the Ferals and Smogs you find on the way. Enter the crypt.

You will find a Child's Coffin puzzle here. The goal is to pull the top piece all the way down. To do this you must organize the pieces below to clear the path. There are a few possible solutions. Here you can see how I did it. Another solution would be to put the two vertical pieces in the left column, one on top of the other, then put the two square and horizontal pieces on the right side of the puzzle.

Once you succeed, the coffin will slide open and you with find a watch inside. When Alex listens to see if the watch still works, he falls unconscious on the floor.