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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Boss: Sepulcher

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Boss Battle: Sepulcher - Hide behind the dressers and equip your handgun.

Shoot each of the hanging meat sacs three times to destroy them.

Once the meat sacs are destroyed, you will no longer have anything to hide behind. Equip your Fire Axe for the rest of the battle. Do your best to dodge attacks by using L2 + O.

If Sepulcher grabs you, repeatedly press the button indicated on the screen to escape.

Sepulcher will do an attack that gets his fist stuck in the ground. When this happens, swing your Fire Axe at his stuck fist to drop him to the ground.

Once he is on the ground, do heavy attacks (L2 + Square button) at his head. He will get back up and you will have to repeat this process a few times until he is defeated.

When you defeat him, he will be sucked down a big hole in the floor. You stand near the hole and become unconsious, falling in the hole as well.