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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 12: Underground

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You awake to find yourself tied to a chair with Judge Holloway. She talks about the sacrifices everyone has had to make.

She will attack you with the drill. Rapidly tap the button, indicated on the screen, to break free of your constraints.

Next, she will try to drill you in the head. Rapidly tap the next button shown on the screen.

If successful, you will then take the drill and kill Judge Holloway with it.

Take the Lair Map and Health Kit here.

On another desk you will find a First Aid Kit and a Ceremonial Dagger.

Use the save point found in this room as well.

Go North, towards room 212.

When you reach room 212, open the door and defeat the order member here.

Take the steel pipe from the impaled body.

Break the window between room 212 and 211.

Jump through the window and defeat the order member.

Examine the note on the wall.

Take the handgun.

Take the Sector 3 Key.

In the lockers you will find some ammo.

There is also a book on a table you can examine.

Jump back through the window to room 212 again.

Go out room 212's door and head toward Sector 3 on your map. You will encounter some more Order members to defeat.

Continue toward Sector 3. Duck under the gate in your way.

Use the Sector 3 key on the door.

Fight the Order member.

Use the Steel Pipe to pry open the door to the South-East.

Defeat more Order members.

Continue down the hall, toward room 320. Duck under the gate in your path.

Once you reach room 320, you will see a cutscene of Curtis threatening to kill Elle.

After the cutscene, quickly climb the gate to the left of room 320.

Push the fridge out of the way.

Pry the revealed door open.

Enter the room and Curtis will attack you. Be careful to dodge, the chainsaw can kill you instantly. Using the gun may be helpful for this battle.

After you defeat Curtis you will rescue Elle.

Go back into room 320, where Elle was being held.

Take the First Aid Kit and Health Drink.

Exit room 320 and backtrack your way to Sector 2. You will come to a gate to open. Use the valve to let Elle through.

Duck under the gate when Elle opens it for you.

Continue toward Sector 2. You will come to some more Order members. One of them will have a gun. After defeating the Order members. Head West to reach the Sector 2 Hall.

Go through the Northern door that leads you toward Sector 1.

Take a right at the first hall and defeat the Order member.

Continue East, toward Sector 1. Turn the valve to open the gate for Elle.

When Elle opens the gate for you, duck under.

Enter room 113 on your left.

Take the Police Marksman Rifle on the desk.

There is some ammo here in the lockers.

You can also examine the book located here.

Break the window between room 313 and 312.

Hop through the window.

You will find Wheeler with knives in his chest.

Decide whether or not to give him the First Aid Kit on the bench. This decision effects the ending of the game.

After you make your decision use the door to room 111, you tell Elle to get Wheeler out of here.

Exit Southward through room 111's door into the hall.

Continue East, to the end of the hall. Go through the door here.

Use the save point found in this room.

Head East, into the circular room.

You will see a large circular puzzle on the floor. There is also a prescription from Doctor Fitch here.

On the stone columns in the room, you will find key holes for your Ceremonial Dagger. Use your dagger on each one.

Use the device pictured to rotate the circular puzzle.

Lock the rings in place as shown in this picture.

There will be a puzzle on a large door here.

Rotate the puzzle into the position shown here.

The door will open.

There are four alters here. The back one is the Shepherd Family Alter.

Examine your Alter.

You will see a cutscene of you taking Josh out in a boat.

You discover that Josh drowned in the water.

The room changes to Hellstate.