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Singularity Walkthrough Chapter 3: Rail line

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You can age the ticks, which will make them attract other ticks to them and kill them.

You can also use your melee impulse to kill ticks instantly within your impulse's radius.

Use the wheel to open the gate in front, then run through it.

More bugs will show up ahead.

Keep moving straight along the tunnel.

Climb the ladder at the end and then the next one.

Use the TMD on the left plant, then jump on top so you can reach the ladder.

Run through the tunnel to reach the train cart. Beware of a giant monster piercing through the walls to attack you.

When you regain control, go through the door.

Melee the planks out of your way and proceed.

Continue along the corridor and take the open doorway to your left.

At the end of the corridor, take a right.

Stand over the planks and make a running jump to reach the ladder.

Climb the next ladder leading to the vent.

Use Deadlock to stop the fan, go through and take a left.

Climb up and get to the other side of the vent.

Enter the door and move ahead to meet Dr. Barisov.

He'll open the hatch for you. Climb down.

Take out the enemies ahead.

Once they're dead, restore the crane that's close to a wrecked train cart.

Kill the soldiers while you wait for the platform to arrive.

Get on the platform.

Kill all enemies in sight until the platform stops.

Kill the remaining enemies once you step off the platform.

Go through the door that the last guard comes out of.

Go upstairs. Careful with the mutant's attack.

Go through the vent.

Use Deadlock on the fan, grab the crate and go through with it.

Use the crate to get up, then use Deadlock again on the fan to get through.

Climb up to get to the other side.

You'll have to fight the mutant that attacked you earlier.

You can use Deadlock to slow him down and the cryo-tanks to freeze him. Shoot him while he's frozen for max damage.

Once he's done, enter the door at the top of the staircase.

Drop down the hole on the ground.

Kill the mutant ahead then proceed through the door on the right.

Go upstairs and follow the catwalk.

Pull the lever to open the gate down in front.

Enter and use the elevator past the gate.

Ahead there'll be a new type of mutant. You can choose to stealth past them, or make your way killing every one of them.

Use the TMD on the plant to push the pipes out of the way.

Jump over and go through the doorway.

Jump to reach the small tunnel.

Get rid of the strings.

Use the TMD on the plant down in the pit.

Jump across using the platform.

Age the control box on the left to electrify the water and kill the mutants.

After the water is safe to walk on, move ahead and jump onto the small tunnel.

Climb up the ladder.

Sneak past or kill the mutants.

Use the TMD on the plant to lift the grate.

Age the crate and bring it to you.

Restore the crate and use it to reach the small tunnel.

Age the crate and grab it.

Put the crate below the gate, then restore it and crouch through.

Pick up the crate and bring it with you again, avoiding the strings.

Use the crate again to reach the other side.

There'll be more mutants ahead. Sneak or kill.

Use the machine to get a new upgrade.

Go through the door.

There'll be plenty of enemies ahead. Keep making your way along the catwalks to the very top.

Break the lock and enter.

Climb up the ladder.

Kill the enemies and keep moving ahead.

Help Kathryn get over the vent to open the door.

Fix the stairs and go up.

Enter the blue door.

Jump on the crates and get over the vent.

Use your TMD on the plant so Kathryn can get outside.

Defeat all the incoming enemy waves.

Once that's done, follow the catwalk and enter the blue door.

Jump down.

Kill the soldiers and go out the door.

Beware of the heavy armored soldiers. They're more resistant to damage and TMD abilities.

Continue chasing after Kathryn.

Melee the soldier that pushed you off.

Climb down the ladder and resume chasing.

Use the elevator.

Make your way through the engine room.

Up the stairs, kill all the guys ahead.

Go through the set of doors.

Kill the two soldiers in the room.

Untie Kathryn.

Follow her.

Help Kathryn reach the platform.

Defend her while she works.

Go up to her and get on the platform.

Step inside the circle on the platform.

Aim at the glowing orb to restore the train.

Run across the train cart.

Shoot at the four orange spots while avoiding his attacks.

Once he's knocked down, shoot at one of the two weak spots on his head.

Shoot at the next three weak spots.

Finally, shoot at his last weak spot.

Jump down onto the next train cart and keep going.

The monster will come back and rip the roof off. Shoot at his mouth.

Use the TMD on the pipes to clear the way.

Stand on the platform.

Aim at the monster's head to defeat it.