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Singularity Walkthrough Chapter 2: Research Facility

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Proceed through the next doorway.

Get in the water and swim through the tunnels.

Once you've reached the end, go through the open set of doors.

Continue up the stairs.

Through the blue door.

Enter the building through the big set of doors.

Move upstairs and follow the catwalk.

You'll find a new mutant that can phase out and be invulnerable for a short time.

Once you're done with him, go outside and across and enter the door.

Shoot the lock off and move along.

When you try to enter the building, a mutant on the other side of the door will block it.

Eliminate all the attacking enemies.

Go in through the gate and up the stairs, located at the right hand side of the statue.

Follow the catwalk, down the stairs and into the building.

Crouch through the vent.

Pull the lever in the room to the right of the closed gate to open it.

Keep going along the hall.

Kill all the mutants in the area.

When you get close to the doors at the end, more mutants will appear. Murder them and go in.

Get close to the elevators and wait for one to open, then get inside.

You'll see some strange plants at the bottom of the stairs. Careful not to touch the strings as they can harm you.

You can shoot the blobs that the strings come out of to neutralize them.

Jump down the hole and move on.

Move closer to the big circular door so it can open and go in.

Wait for the sphere to close, then reach in to get the Time Manipulation Device.

Use the TMD to restore all the rubble blocking the path.

Restore the control box on the wall to open the door.

Restore the stairs and retrace all your steps to the elevator you came from.

Restore the crate so you can jump on top of it and get out of the hole.

Fix the stairs and continue up.

Restore the control box, then get in the elevator.

Use the TMD on the time rift to open it and walk in.

Kill the soldiers in sight, then continue along the catwalk.

Keep making your way through the halls.

Go through the blue door at the end of the hall.

Shoot Demichev.

Kill the guards at the other side of the door, then follow Dr. Barisov through it.

Eliminate the enemies in the room.

Wait for Barisov to ask for your help, then age the wallsafe to open it.

Grab the special weapon. It won't replace any of your equipped weapons, but if you try to switch to one of them while using it, you'll drop the Seeker.

Hold the aim down sights button then fire without releasing it to steer the bullet.

Eliminate all the incoming soldiers.

Once they're dealt with, follow Barisov across the room.

Kill all the enemies in your path.

Keep following Dr. Barisov.

Use the TMD on the rift and go through.

Take the red door and go downstairs.

Enter the room.

Use the machine to receive a TMD upgrade.

Pick up the turbine and throw it away, then go down the hole.

Restore the control box to open the door.

Pick up the crate and crouch through the hole with it.

Restore the crate, then use it to reach up.

Repeat the same process to reach the gate.

Now age the crate and put it under the gate.

Restore the crate and crouch through the gate.

Go up and follow the catwalk.

You can use the melee impulse to put the mutants back into phase and make them vulnerable again.

Eliminate the enemies below. You can grab explosive barrels and toss them for maximum damage.

Keep killing the mutants as you move along.

Restore the stairs and go up them.

Go down the ladder at the end of the catwalk.

Get in the elevator and press the button.

Get out and go through the blue doors.

Make your way across the strings. Remember to shoot the blobs.

Proceed through the doorway on the right.

Enter the blue door.

Avoid the strings and go down.

A giant mutant will attack you. Be sure to shoot at the blue glowing part on his chest.

Go outside through the hole.

Jump on the crates to reach the container.

Now jump on the crates near the short staircase to enter the building.

Age the crate and bring it to your side through the gap.

Restore the crate and use to jump over the fence.

Age the crate again and bring it with you.

Put it next to the wall with graffiti, restore it and use it to reach the ladder.

Jump down where the corpses are.

Use the lever to open the gate.

It's time to fight that big guy we saw earlier.

Catch the barrels he throws at you in mid-air and toss them back at him.

He'll eventually lose his chest armor. Now is the time to shoot at his glowing weak spot.

He'll summon some mutants to help him. Remember to use the melee impulse.

The giant will come back with a hammer and start heading toward you.

He'll attack when he gets close enough to you. Dodge out of the way and quickly go around him and start shooting his new weak spot on his back.

After he goes down a second time, more mutants will show up.

When he comes back, he'll start flinging barrels at you again. Catch them and throw them back.

He'll remain still for a moment after throwing a barrel. Shoot at the weak spot in his head while he recovers.

Once he's down for good, Kathryn will appear. Follow her.

She'll stop for a bit to try and open the gate. You must defend her in the meantime.

After she's done, follow her by crouching through the gate.

Shoot the mutant attacking her.

Continue following her as you shoot the mutants in the way.

You'll have to defend your position while Barisov brings the elevator down.

You can restore the control boxes on the gates to electrify the mutants climbing them.

Once the elevator arrives, quickly follow Kathryn into it.

After watching the video you can go back to the elevator and press the button.

Use the machine to receive a new upgrade.

Use the new Deadlock ability to stop the fan and go through.

Turn left and go down the hole in the catwalk.

The floor will crumble, making you fall into a room full of mutant bugs.