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Singularity Walkthrough Chapter 6: Singularity Labs

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Follow Dr. Barisov.

Kill the enemies, and keep going.

Restore the control box to open the gate.

Time to fight this mutant again. Remember to use Deadlock and the Cryo-tanks.

Go up the stairs and follow Barisov.

Use the TMD on the plants blocking the way.

Enter through the set of doors.

Go through the gate that Barisov opens for you.

Restore the box to open the gate.

Kill the soldiers in the way.

Once you get outside, go down the stairs to the right.

Into the building.

Up the stairs.

Vanquish the enemies in the room.

Go through the doorway.

Get the final TMD upgrade.

Go back the way you came from to meet Barisov.

Remember that your TMD abilities won't consume any energy so rejoice.

Murder all the mutants.

Neutralize the soldiers in the room.

Go through the big door and keep going forward.

Terminate the soldiers.

Take the stairs up, to the right.

Keep murdering your way forward.

Meet with Barisov.

Use the TMD on the reactor.

Put the E99 bomb in place.

Shoot Demichev before he shoots you.

Now you can choose to kill Demichev, Barisov or both and see the outcome.

The end.