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Singularity Walkthrough Chapter 5: E99 Processing Complex

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Go through the set of blue doors.

Drop down from the broken bridge.

Crouch under and move ahead.

Get rid of the ticks in your way.

Take a left when you see the crumbled wall in front.

Continue downstairs.

Clear the strings out of the way and go through the open doorway.

You'll meet a new monster ahead. You can use Deadlock to freeze him in place and finish him off.

Take the stairs to the left of the platform.

Pull the lever, then go back down.

Go through the door to the right of the platform.

Grab the grenade launcher if you didn't have one before.

Hold down the Aim down sights button and without releasing it, shoot a grenade and guide it through the hole. Release the ADS button to detonate the grenade and make the barrels next to the door explode, then go inside.

Go downstairs and keep going.

Drop down.

Jump onto the water and climb the ladders ahead.

Pull the lever to fill the room with water, then go back.

Swim through the tunnel at the very top.

Use the lever to open the hatch, then continue swimming.

Grab the crate.

Restore it and use it to climb over the vent.

Kill all the mutants ahead.

Enter the blue door.

Go outside and along the catwalk.

Dive in and swim to reach the lever.

After you pulled the lever, dive in again and wait for the water to lower, then break the lock holding the crate.

Climb the ladder back up and use the lever again.

Jump on top of the crate and go up the stairs.

Pull the lever to open the gate.

Shoot the soldiers on the catwalk, then go to where they came from.

You can pull the shields off from the guards using them.

Keep making your way forward.

Go upstairs and keep going to reach the platform.

Use the platform and aim at the glowing orb.

Kill all the enemies in the bridge.

Enter through the door.

Neutralize all the enemies in the way.

Use the lever and go through the gate.

Kill the mutant ahead.

Age the yellow tank to make the platform go up, and the platform opposite to it go down.

Stand on the platform and restore the tank on the other to go up.

Crouch through the vent next to the crates.

Go downstairs and through the set of doors.

Jump over the obstacle and keep going.

Through the doorway next to the lockers.

Use Deadlock to stop the fan and get across.

Grab a gas mask and go back the way you came.

Drop down the hole.

Go through the set of doors. Don't forget to pick up Oxygen tanks if you run low on air.

Grab the smashed crate and move forward.

Restore the crate and use it to get in the vent.

Kill the mutants.

Pull the lever.

Go up and through the door.

Press the button, wait for the gate to be open enough for you to pass through, then use deadlock to keep it open.

Run to the gate and get through.

Use the TMD on the time rift and go in.

Grab a crate and go back into the rift.

Jump on top to get in the elevator.

Grab another crate and put it on top of the boxes to reach the vent.

Kill the enemies in the area.

Keep making your way forward.

Age the control box to disable the shield.

Keep moving ahead and killing your enemies.

Kill the mutant through the window.

Get outside through the doors and keep going.

Get rid of the strings while going downstairs.

Neutralize all enemies.

Pull the lever to get across the bridge with the platform.

You can use the TMD to repair the boards on the platform to provide cover.

Restore the control box, then pull the lever.

Go through the gate and eliminate the mutants.

Go through the circular door.

Follow the catwalk to the left.

Get in the lift and push the button.

Open the rift and go in.

Keep following the catwalk.

Go through the doorway and then to the room to the right.

Pull the lever and go into the lift in front.

Kill the guards, then go through the circular door.

When you try to go back, soldiers will be waiting for you at the other side. Kill them when the door opens up.

Continue to the right, at the end of the hall.

Get in and use the lift.

Get through the circular door.

Take care of the enemies ahead.

Go down the catwalk and to the left.

Through the next big door, take out the enemies in front.

Use the lift at the end.

Enter the big door.

Pick up the activation code from the table.

Push the button and go through the gate.

Through the open doorway.

Put the code in and plug in the bomb.

Run to the catwalk in front and follow along. You'll have 60 seconds to get back to the rift.

Quickly get in and use the lift.

Go into the time rift.

Drop down into the broken catwalk and follow the path.

Enter the door to meet Barisov.

Get in the lift and press the button.