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Singularity Walkthrough Chapter 4: Central Docks

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Get off the train and go up the stairs.

Climb up the broken bridge.

Now restore it to get across.

Jump down and grab the crate.

Jump down again through the broken grating.

Put the crate below the gate, restore and go through.

Pull a crate off of the phase cloud.

Put the crate on top of the third box from left to right and restore it.

Jump over the fence.

Make your way forward avoiding the strings.

Crouch under the gate.

Restore the control box to open the next gate.

Go along the catwalk.

Eliminate all the enemies ahead.

Stand on the platform at the end of the path.

Turn around and enter the building down the stairs.

Climb down the ladder and into the water.

Swim across avoiding the strings.

Use the wheel to drain the water, on the left.

Pull a bulb/diode out of the phase cloud.

Plug it up into the machine and restore it to power up the platform upstairs.

Retrace your steps back onto the platform.

Pull the lever.

Reach the far end of the path, straight ahead.

Age the chain holding the ramp and go up.

Kill the mutants in your way.

Enter the door and climb the stairs.

Through the next door, keep moving ahead.

Crouch through the vent.

Open the door and go downstairs.

Go through the vent.

Restore the control box, then go back out.

Pull the lever and enter the door that opens.

Make your way through the containers.

Crouch under to the other side.

Get to the door at the end.

Go downstairs.

Wait for the ghost to disappear, then go through.

Enter the door on the right.

Kill the mutants ahead.

Through the door at the end of the room.

Get to the end of the hall.

Go down the stairs.

Deal with the enemies ahead.

Get through across the container.

Kill the enemies then move ahead.

Enter the door.

Age the control box to disable the electricity and get through safely.

Jump into the water and swim along.

Dodge the mutant plant and keep going

Grab the E99 bomb.

Swim to the surface and get on top of the container.

Crouch and drop down at the other end.

Up the stairs and continue going.

Through the door and up the stairs.

The area will suddenly flood, keep swimming ahead.

Get out through the hole.