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Singularity Walkthrough Chapter 1: Workers' District

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Walk forward through the dock and continue along the path.

Go up the hill and enter the building.

Proceed by going into the hall on the left.

Melee the wood plank blocking your way.

Crouch through and continue on.

Right after the magical time-travelling event, go through the path on the left.

Save the man's life.

Carry on through the hole in the wall.

Open the door and take a right.

Crouch through again and move on.

Go to the other side of the doors behind the statue.

Keep going along the alley.

Take the stairs on the left.

Now go up the stairs that are inside the building.

Enter the room on the left.

Take the gun and ammo.

Shoot the lock on the door and go through.

Go through the wall.

Shoot the monster off of you.

Continue along the alley and be wary of more monsters ahead.

Go inside the school.

Walk along the hall and take care of the mutant.

Take the stairs up, to the right from the door that the mutant came out of.

Crouch through to the other side.

Through the door, then left into the hall.

Enter the room to the right, halfway into the hall.

Drop down the hole.

Continue across the library and kill the mutant that pops out.

Follow the blood on the floor and proceed through the vent.

Murder the mutant then continue through the blue doors.

Pick up the weapon.

Move along through the path that the mutant opened and kill any monsters along the way.

Out of the library, go into the room straight across it.

Jump and go through.

Kill the mutants that try to get in.

When Devlin opens the doors, take care of the mutant on the right.

Go across the courtyard and into the doors at the end.

Follow Devlin through the door.

Grab the shotgun. You can only carry two different weapons at a time.

Kill the mutant attacking Devlin.

Help him barricade the door.

Go through the door.

Go along the path on the right and kill any mutants that show up.

The floor will crumble and fall as you try to meet up with Devlin.

Once you've killed the enemies attacking you, jump to allow Devlin to help you up.

Follow him up the stairs.

The path will be blocked. Kill the enemies attacking.

Go into the vent to the side of the staircase.

Up the ladder and out the vent.

Grab any supplies you can, then melee or shoot the lock on the door to allow Devlin to get in.

Follow Devlin through the blue door.

You'll have to go alone and find the controls to open the gate.

Make your way up jumping on top of the crates, near the yellow vehicle.

Go across onto the roof and then around the corner.

Climb up the ladder.

Through the broken railing, jump down near the corpse and continue across the wooden planks.

Use the lever to open the gate, then go back down to meet up with Devlin.

Grab the sniper rifle and take out the mutants at the other end of the bridge.

Follow Devlin.

Grab all the supplies you can and prepare to defend your position.

Kill all the incoming enemies.

Eventually you'll have to retreat. Follow Devlin quickly through the back door.

Run inside the building.

Jump over the obstacle and continue running.

Take a right and move on.

Take the stairs down, to the right.

Follow Kathryn.

Use the laptop to watch the video.