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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 2: Insurgent Stronghold

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"Before starting the next mission go to Grim and buy an expansion for your cockpit.

"This task will be a bit harder than usual so you need to proceed carefully, each image will show you step by step what to do.

"Wait until last two militians pass the big rock and kill the enemy marked by the crosshair.

"Kill the marked enemy and then the one on the right top corner of this image.

"Shoot down the militian next to the barrow and go forward.

"Kill last three militians in order from your right to the left.

"You landed with Sam, go forward until you reach your target.

"Now up the stairs and go left.

"Once you are up, wait until militians stop talking then kill them both.

"When you reached the new target, Sam will launch a tri-rotor drone to match objective's voice.

"Kill two militians situated in building centre then go on your right and kill the last one.

"Use the microcamera to see enemy's position, watch out, an armored miltian is inside the room so you have to knock him down from behind.

"Next room you will find an ex-MI6 agent, decide to kill him or not then go forward.

"There is some climbing now.

"Once you reached the top, go forward and kill two militians.

"Kill four militians and go forward.

"Climb a ladder and then use a rope to go up.

"Now stun the dog that is coming to you and proceed to your right.

"Kill a militian to attract attention and arrest the target, so go forward.

"Knock down the enemy and go forward, kill another militian and go down into the tunnel then use the rope to get up.

"Once you are up run until the next target and go up.

"Kill eight enemies so follow the target and get down to the tunnel, go forward.

"Once you reached a ruined building, go in.

""Enemies found your position so you need to find a way to get out of here, run straight without stopping, Briggs is waiting for you on the chopper.