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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 6: Special Missions HQ

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"Climb the front of the building and get off when the General distract the soldier then go forward.

"Now climb again and be careful of both surveillance and soldier.

"Avoid the surveillance again and the soldier aswell then get off.

"Wait until the soldier goes away and keep following the General.

"When Grim turns lights off, stay covered and kill two enemies on your right and two on your left, then one up on your right, one up on your left and one in front of you.

"Go through the duct then up the pipe.

"Through the duct again and up the stairs, kill three enemies.

"Let the soldier spots you then the door will open, kill him and use his body to open the door, go into the elevator.

"Kill the soldier and use his body to open the door.

"When you are into it, go on your right and kill one enemy on the bridge, one more on the floor and disable the security.

"Go inside the servers room and kill an enemy, then use your flash-drive to get all needed informations.

"Some time is needed to complete the process, so kill four soldiers coming to you, wait until the download is complete, extract the device and go forward.

"Go down using a rope.

"Kill four enemies and go forward down the stairs. Kill two more soldiers and go forward.

"Open the door, go on your left and stay hidden, when enemies can't see you go on the other side, take advantage of shadows and go on your right, knock down an enemy and wait until nobody can see you then open the door.

"When you are inside hack the laptop and go forward.

"Wait until the enemy comes out, kill him and go inside.

"Once Charlie found a way for you, open the door on your right, wait until he opens the gates and go forward.

"You will face three enemies, kill them all and go forward.

"Go on the right side, arrest a soldier and go forward.

"Easily kill next two enemies, up the stairs kill a soldier and a dog, three soldiers will come up, kill them and go forward, Briggs is waiting for you.

"You will use the chopper to destroy all cars that are trying to shoot down our van.