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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 3: American Consumption

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"You are on the roof, go forward until you reach a door on your right, open it then open a grate on your left, go forward.

"Get down from the duct, go forward until you see a rope, then use it and go down the ladder.

"To reach next target walk through the left side of the building, you will face 3 enemies but don't kill them.

"Once you are here (look the image) climb the pipe and get off using the next one falling over an enemy (otherwise you can't go down) and kill another one who blocks you the way.

"There is a door in front of you, open it and kill two enemies, then open the next door and kill the other enemy on your right.

Go on your left and knock down an enemy, then climb a pipe and kill another enemy.

"Once you are up, wait until the enemy comes near you and knock him down, then climb the railing on your right and get off, arrest the target and go forward.

"One single hit to shoot down the drone otherwise it will explode and enemies will spot you.

"There are two enemies to shoot down, do it and go into the building, kill another enemy and hack the laptop.

"Up the stairs on your left, open the grate and go forward.

""Use a smoke grenade, kill two enemies and open the door.

"Now you have two targets, start with the one on your left so get off from the balcony then again from the railing without being spotted, there is a duct, go through it and you will reach the other target.

"Kill an enemy near you, then knock down the enemy in device's area and turn it off.

"Walk on the left side, knock down an enemy who is watching the second device then turn it off, kill three enemies and go forward.

"You still need to close the valve manually, reach it through the duct, open the door and close the valve.