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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 1: Safehouse

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"Every time you start a new mission you can decide if delay it or play it immediately.

""Choose your equipment before a mission, please note that there is a suggested equipment for each mission depending on the situation you will face.

"Reach the target by going straight and then turn left.

""Local militia are blocking the main entrance so you need to find an alternate way,

"To reach the objective you have to kill the enemies in front of you, knock down the first one then use execution for the others.

"Use the microcamera you equipped to spot local militians, then open the door.

"When you are inside there is no need to kill your enemies, turn on the night visor if you wish and go forward.

""In every mission you have to find flash drives, hacking laptops or arrest someone, in this case pick up the flash drive over the furniture.

""You need to find another way since there are multiple targets that block you, so go to the right, open the window and climb it, then wait until the militian in the balcony go away

"Climb and you will see a militian next to the window so knock him down then kill other two enemies and go forward.

""When you reach the next target break down the first enemy, then use the execution to kill three militians so free the hostage.

"Unlucky the hostage is not Kobin, more soldiers are coming and you have to get out from Bengasi.

"Climb the wall, go forward and climb next two walls.

"Supply your equipment then use the rope to go forward, break down the enemy and hide him.

"Climb the wall in your right and wait for a militian coming up then kill him.

"Kill two militians to clear your way then climb the wall in your right until you reach the next target, arrest the militian and go forward.

"You have three enemies ahead of you, shoot them down then go forward.

"Down the stairs, kill a militian and go forward.

"Kill the enemy infront of you then climb the door, watch out now you will face a dog, stun him and go forward.

""To reach the interrogation, shoot down a militian and kill another one so go forward up the stairs.

"Follow the way for your target, use the execution and free Kobin.

"Protect Kobin from being killed, so shoot down three militians and go forward.

"Once you reached the target, leave kobin in a corner and kill eight enemies.

"You have finished the first mission!