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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 4: Private Estate

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"Before launching the new mission, go to Charlie and buy a new visor.

"Reach the garage, there is a mechanician you need to shoot down, then hack the laptop.

"Once you are outside, stun or kill the dog, shoot down three enemies and go forward.

"Enter to the security room, connect your OPSAT, let Charlie does his job, climb the window and go forward.

"There is an enemy on your left, knock him down and go forward.

"Use execution to kill next two enemies, shoot down another one who comes near you and go forward.

"Once you are on the balcony, kill the enemy on your right then stun the dog and eliminate one more enemy on your left.

"With the drone go forward, on your left then go up.

"Go on your right then through the duct, there is an enemy under you shoot him down firing an electric dard.

"Again with Sam, open the door and kill the enemy around you, then up the stairs.

"Throw a tear gas on the roof and go forward, kill four enemies then climb the wall to go up and reach the target.

"Do not interrupt lasers otherwise they will spot you, go forward and use the furniture as cover, there is an enemy on your left and one on your right inside the room, stun them both and go inside the room.

"Up the stairs and kill one more enemy then go left, knock down the enemy inside the first room on your left then go forward.

"After you passed two rooms, enter into the bedroom and then in its bathroom, here you go for the panic room.

"Now you are with Nouri, protect him and kill all enemies in front of you, be carefully these kind of enemies are faster than usual ones and they can change direction while shooting at you aswell.

"Once you are here kill four enemies and follow Nouri.

"Convoy Nouri to the dock, avoid the enemy on your right then go forward.

""Kill six enemies and then get out of here with Nouri's boat.