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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 7: Transit Yards

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"This mission will change Splinter Cell to such as a FPS, it means it will not be a stealth game at all, but just kill as many enemies as you can.

"You are with Briggs now, indeed as mentioned before you are in first view. go forward and kill seven enemies.

"Then turn on the right and kill two more enemies then detonate the second bomb.

"Again with Sam, this time you can even avoid some enemies if you wish, so go on the right and kill one enemy, be careful of claymores.

"Kill two more enemies and go forward.

"Three more enemies in front of you, kill them and get the sniper you have to arrest then get off and go forward.

"Before you can detonate the third bomb you need to kill some enemies.

"Once you reach the target, there is an enemy where the bomb is placed, kill him and detonate the bomb.

"With Briggs, go on your left, kill two enemies and climb the ladder, go on your right and climb the window, there is an enemy kill him and go forward.

"Kill the sniper in front of you and down the ladder, kill two enemies and go forward.

"Once you are outside reach the target and detonate the bomb.

"Last task with Sam, you are on the train, kill three enemies and enter into the next wagon.

"Three more enemies and go forward.

"The way is blocked, on your right climb the window and go forward, then break a window and enter into the wagon, kill two enemies and go forward.

"Kill two enemies and Mission 7 is now done!