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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 8: Detention Facility

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"Briggs released you, reach Nouri and make him talk, then decide to kill or save it.

"You have an electric teaser, use it for shooting down soldiers.

"Go on the right and stun a soldier, then on the left and knock down one more then go inside the room and open the door.

"Knock down the armored soldier and climb the grid, shoot down a soldier and go forward.

"Get off from there, once you are here go on your left and shoot down two enemies then go forward, climb the window and go inside, get your equipment.

"Get out, on your left there is a soldier, stun him, then two more in front of you, go forward.

"Get into the warehouse, stun three enemies and go forward.

"Once you are done, knock down a soldier in front of you, stun a dog and two enemies then reach this position (look the image).

"Knock down the sniper and get off, shoot down one more soldier and go forward.

"Climb the grid, stun a soldier and use the rope (you can see it on the roof of a building) then you will get outside.

"Now you need to avoid the dog otherwise snipers will spot you, go on the left and run as quick as you can.