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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 11: LNG Terminal

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"Go forward and climb the wall, you will reach SEALs.

"Once you are there, go on your left and climb the pipe, go forward and get off, avoid being spotted by enemies then go on your left.

"Search for a pipe and climb it, then reach the target by climbing the window and go forward.

"Avoid drones, kill two enemies on first floor and go forward.

"Kill two more enemies and up the stairs.

"Reach the laptop's position, kill two enemies and hack it, then go forward.

"The harderst part is now, you need to eliminate all enemies, so start from the third floor and kill everyone,so second and first floor.

"Once you are done, reach the terminal, follow step by step every image since it is not that easy to get there.

"Climb the wall on the right.

"Climb the same wall again and get up.

"Change side and go forward.

"Use the pipe to get to the other side.

"Get off through the rope.

"Get inside breaking the grid and go forward.

"Climb in this way and go on your left, change side and go forward.

"Climb here and get up, reach the terminal and let Charlie does his job.

"Now reach the Engineer, get down and kill four armored enemies.

"Get off using the rope.

"Follow the Engineer and kill enemies if they try to block you the way.

"Once you are here, the door has been locked, so go on your right climb the ladder and get off through the rope, fall over an enemy and keep following him.

"Decide to kill him or not, Mission 11 is officially done!