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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Mission 5: Abandoned Mill

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"Stun the dog, be careful of sniper's laser go forward and kill him.

"Go up, then on your right up the ladder and use chains to climb.

"Climb the balcony and go up through the pipe.

"Again climb the pipe and knock down the sniper and go forward.

"Knock down an enemy and avoid being spotted by sniper's laser so kill him and go forward.

"Kill both snipers on the roof and down the ladder, quickly kill the enemy next to you and go forward.

"Go down using the rope of elevator, go forward until you see a hole on the floor and get down.

"Cut off the cloth and down through the elevator.

"Kill four enemies and go forward.

"Reach the next target, kill the enemy outside the room then go into it and kill both enemies.

"Down the stairs reach the balcony and fall over an enemy then go inside.

"Once you are inside get off and knock down the enemy inside the first room, he is armored so get him from the back.

"Kill two enemies near the fireside then knock down the enemy inside the room where the laptop is placed to, hack it.

"Once you are outside of laptop's room go on your right (fireside's door), climb the window and reach the door next to the target (as you can see in this image).

"Now you will face two difficult tasks.

"Once you are here (look at the image), wait until an enemy up the stairs and can't see you, then place the tracker.

"Now you need to find a way to get out of here, so go on your left.

"Reach this position and wait until both enemies will stop discussing, when they can't see you go forward under the gate.

"Open the door, arrest the enemy on your right then go forward you will see a door on your right, enter it and knock down the armored guy.

"On your left there is a green water flow, go through the duct then down the ladder, kill three dogs and up the ladder on your right.

"Nervin's intoxication caused you blurred vision, knock down the enemy and follow the target, at a certain point you will pass out and enemies will catch you.

"You are with Briggs now, kill everyone blocks you the way, follow Briggs he will help you to get out of here.