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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough Final Mission: Bunker F

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Go on your left, there is an armored enemy but avoid him, then be careful of snipers on the roof and go forward.

Get up and kill snipers then down the ladder and get into the building.

Wait until the armored enemy goes away then kill both enemies inside the room using execution then hack the laptop, kill the last one and go forward.

Get off using a rope.

Avoid lasers and down the ladder then into the duct.

Avoid all lasers again, down the ladder and into the duct.

Fall over an enemy and kill one more then go forward on your right.

Once you are here kill two enemies and go forward.

Kill an enemy into the elevator and go on your right, climb and get up.

Get to the other side through the pipe above you.

Again avoid all lasers and climb down, reach the target and hack the system.

Rope down and kill all enemies in the area, use sleeping gas since there are many enemies it can help you.

Once you are done go on your right there is a room, go through the duct.

Kill an enemy in front of you and go on your right.

When you open the door an armored enemy will come in, knock him down and go on your left.

Kill an enemy and install the first virus on Target L.

Reach the B Target, kill the enemy inside and install the second virus, then stay in, on your left there is a duct, go through it.

Kill an enemy in front of you and avoid being spotted by video surveillance then go on your left.

Arrest an enemy and kill the other one, then install the last virus.

Once you are out kill the armored guy and go on your left. Kill one more enemy and go forward.

Get into the room and go on your left, then open the first door and get inside.

Block the whole system.

You are with Sam now, knock down the enemy, snipers will kill other ones, then reach Sadiq. Use the shadow and move when he can't see you then get him from back.

Aim and shoot, but unfortunately he won't die and will escape, when you will try to reach the airplane he will come behind and attack you, press quickly action button and stop him. Congratulations, you finished Splinter Cell: Blacklist!