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Starcraft Walkthrough Zerg - 9: The Invasion Of Aiur

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The second last mission. Quite difficult but not as last mission. :) Just keep gather resources and protect your base for the next 30 mins.

Have air units? Then, lets attack them.

Dont take too much time gathering resource at your own base because you need to take over enemy mining site. The longer the time taken, the lower mining resouces at enemy base.

Get back when you see Protoss Carrier (the big air units that attack with small airships). Send Hydralisks to attack the main air unit, not the small airships.

Keep going to attack the other side of enemy base.

Once you take over the yellow enemy base at both sides. You can straight go here and set up your own base here. Build many offensive tower, anti-air and anti-ground (Spore/Creep colony).

This should be enough. Also, support your base with your own units too. If you ready, mutate one Zerg Drone and step on the red marked point.

Wait until the timer ends.

Lastly, bring the crystal to your first base. [END]