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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Medical

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Continue ahead and round the bend to the left. This hybrid is easily defeated with the wrench. Ignore the ramp on the right (which leads to an automated turret). Instead, continue down the corridor ahead/left.

Find an audio log from Watts as well as version 1 research software in the table (1). Placing the surgical unit activation key (2) into the incomplete surgical unit (3) will create a complete unit capable of healing you, although you may prefer to hold onto the key for now. A dead monkey can be found in the room ahead.

Exit and spy the 10 nanites resting on this ledge before dropping over the broken railing.

Listen to Curtiz's audio log at (1) to learn of an access code in Watts' lab. Search the desk for a Psi hypo. The body at (2) holds two cyber modules, and there's a complete surgical unit at (3).

Two psionic monkeys are in the lab. Here I wipe them out with Cryokenesis. To the right, off camera, are two crates with medical hypos.

Exit through this door and scurry right to avoid the automated turret down the hall to the left.

Backtrack and take this corridor you originally ignored. Enter the room on the right to activate the Quantum bio-reconstruction machine. Find 17 nanites in the desk and use the surgical unit if you like. Read the information terminal on the left to learn about Psionic burnout.

A hybrid is in the room on the left. Before entering, it's wise to disable a hallway camera (inset) that can spy you through a window.

A medical hypo is found on this body. A nearby crate (hack skill 2) contains six standard bullets.

If you don't already, you will soon learn to appreciate the silence of the monkeys.

Keep left to find the irradiated room on the right. If you want to risk the hit points, enter and find an audio log from Watts in the desk. A crate (hack skill 2) contains a rad hypo and 23 nanites. I found it helpful to kite the two shotgun hybrids down this hall -- their shotguns have a shorter range than my Cryokinesis.

Turn right down the next corridor and find this room on the right. Inside is light armor and a Psi hypo. An automated turret is at the end of the hallway.

I found that a speed boost hypo allowed me to run past the turret before it could open fire. Enter this vestibule on the right.

Try not to trigger the second door until you're ready to take out this security camera. A medical hypo is found in the a desk in the room to the right. Descend the ladder on the left.

Beware this monkey on the way down. Note the medical hypo on the counter far-right. An audio log from Watts can also be found there.

Search this corpse to retrieve your primary objective - the crew quarters access card. Receive five cyber modules from Polito.

Take the ladder up two floors where you will discover a locked security crate and two normal crates (off camera to the left). The normal crates contain 20 nanites and a psi hypo. Head back down to hear the first message from The Many.

Return up the ladder then shatter the glass on the other side of this door. Jump through the window.

To the left is this optional irradiated room.

The real prize is found on this corpse, through a left door - two cyber modules. An anti-radiation hypo and 26 nanites are found on nearby crates.

Return to decontaminate before your health drops too low.

Rush back inside to find this anti-radiation hypo and an audio log from Curtiz which identifies a replicator in the crew lounge as a "hacker's paradise."

Exit back to the hallway and enter this next room to find seven nanites and a Grassi audio log.

Follow the corridor and discover you've come full circle. Heal at the surgical unit and use your access card to enter the crew quarters.