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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Engine Core

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Press the button to open the hatch before climbing the ladder. Defeat the hybrid and monkey roaming the area. There's no loot on the body. Before proceeding through the door on the left, find a body with 15 nanites and a laser rapier through the door ahead.

Defeat a shotgun hybrid on your way to this room. Bring the port nacelle online. Eight nanites are on the nearby body.

Return to the central room and find the Martin audio log on the left before continuing through the door seen on the right.

Take out this security camera. Hybrids and protocol droids spawn in this area as well.

Listen to the Delacroix audio log on the right and activate the starboard nacelle on the left. Behind me in this shot is a body with ten nanites.

Descend the ladder and enter the door on the left.

Defeat the monkey then find an unresearched object, a medical kit, six rifled slugs and a shotgun ahead. Note that the identical room on the port side of the ship has no loot.

Exit the nacelle and turn right. Don't go back up yet, instead run straight at the other end of the lower floor to find a body with two cyber modules.

Return to the central room again, this time enter the door on the left and ride the elevator up.

With both nacelles online, you can now activate the master power computer to bring the engine core online. You receive ten cyber modules.

This hybrid spawns to your left. Defeat him then proceed through the door behind him. (Note that another door is to the right -- don't bother with that yet.)

Find Sanger's audio log on the desk. In the desk is a psi hypo plus ten nanites.

Backtrack to this location. (The hatch you emerged from previously is on the left.) Descend the now-functional lift on the right.

Hack this security crate to find six anti-personnel bullets and a PsiBoost implant. Note the body far-left.

Defeat the lurking hybrid then find a speed booster on the corpse, and two cyber modules plus 12 nanites on the other.

Use the speed boost to run past a turret on the right, then do battle with your first midwife. If you're lucky you'll get a researchable object off her corpse. Beware a hybrid on the left. A corpse with 12 standard bullets is to the right.

Ascend this lift and find yourself back in the corridor of death.

Keep right to return here. You can use this elevator or the one back in Science, it doesn't matter.

Enter the lift and discover that the shaft to operations is blocked. Ride it to hydroponics instead.

Before entering the elevator, I returned to Command Control and spent 30 cyber modules to upgrade Psi from 4 to 5, 12 cyber modules to upgrade Hack from 3 to 4, and 8 cyber modules to upgrade Cyber from 2 to 3.