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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Engineering Control

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Grab the rad hypo then search the desk ahead for a med hypo, 20 nanites and a Curtiz audio log. Polito tells you to find the engine core and reset it in order to power up the elevators. Follow the sign to the engine core.

The corridor is flooded with radiation so move quickly to find this safe spot. Pause and prepare to do battle with this hybrid before opening the door. Grab two cyber modules off the body behind him.

Activate the wall switch ahead and your objectives are updated -- purge the radiation. The security crate on the right holds six armor-piercing bullets and a med hypo.

Backtrack through the radiation. This time, follow the shuttle bay sign.

Don't follow this next "Shuttle Bay" sign, however. Instead, keep left. (I've indicated the next destination with a green arrow.) Toggle the minimap on -- it's a big help on this maze-like deck.

You'll pass this ghost, sick with radiation.

Find two cyber modules on this corpse.

Polito sends you the passcode for storage area four - 59004. I found nothing on this corpse. Continue through the door ahead.

Grab the Sanger audio log ahead then follow the corridor left.

A pipe hybrid and this shotgun hybrid patrol the corridor, so have a weapon at the ready.

You don't yet have the code for auxiliary storage 5, but you can grab the two cyber modules off this corpse.

An anti-radiation hypo is found on this corpse. Your next destination is marked on the map. Find an audio log from Delacroix around the next bend.

Fight a hybrid and pass through another door before finding auxiliary storage 4. Enter code 59004 to enter. Inside you'll find a med hypo, a speed booster, 10 nanites, an anti-radiation hypo, and a hazard suit. Pick up the Delacroix audio log ahead. Six standard bullets on a body and a pistol are around the right corner. Continue through the door ahead.

Take out this security camera and the robot. Robots explode at close range so you're best bet is to use a ranged weapon like the psi-amp. Activate the regenerator to the left (off-screen). Note the elevator on the left. Enter the room across the hall to find two cyber modules, five nanites, 12 armor-piercing bullets, a security station - and a psionic monkey.

Listen to Curtiz's audio log to learn that the radiation can be purged from engineering control. Grab fifteen nanites from the corpse on the right before continuing through the door on the left.

Beware a hybrid patrolling the hallway and this security camera.

As you enter the room, look up above the entrance. Use psi-pull to get 15 nanites.

Enter what I unaffectionately call the corridor of death. This hallway is memorably difficult. Note the lift on the left -- currently out of power. Take out the security camera upper-right. Spy a hybrid patrolling the other end of the corridor -- take him out, too.

Search the bodies for supplies, including six standard bullets, 15 nanites and a psi hypo. Ride the lift up and find an audio log from Sanger stating that she's re-coded the door and is headed to cargo bay 2.

In addition to the randomly-spawning hybrids in this corridor, you've also got three turrets gunning for you. Hide around a corner and chip away at the turret's health until it explodes.

Pick up Martin's audio log for a second clue that Sanger has the code for fluidics control and that she's in cargo bay 2. Take out the second turret and security camera ahead.

A third turret is to the left. I found this crouching position to work well for attacking it without triggering a response. Grab a security card off the body on the right to enter the security station on the left.

Inside is a security computer you can hack, plus weapon and psi upgrade stations. Search this body for 15 nanites. The two cabinets ahead hold two cyber modules and a Bronson audio log. An unresearched object is on the gurney to the right and light combat armor is to the left.

Here I spend five cyber modules for Natural Decontamination, shielding me from 80% of radiation damage.

Defeat a shotgun hybrid then find a brawn boost implant by the door ahead. Activate the bulkhead switch to load the next area.