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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Cargo Bay 2

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Take out this laser turret easily by using your strafe or lean keys to dodge behind the bulkhead on the left between shots. Find eight nanites and a Bronson audio log on the body by the turret. The replicator on the right requires repair level three to fix.

Ride this lift up one level. (The lift opposite is down for repairs.)

Defeat this solitary hybrid. Six standard bullets are on a crate behind him to the right.

Psi Pull 15 nanites from this ledge by the inoperable lift.

Ride the lift to the third level and defeat this shotgun hybrid. The security crate can be hacked for a psi hypo and 20 nanites.

Two cyber modules can be found on the body next to the crate. Don't forget to munch on the chips for a whopping one point of health. (When you're getting low on hypos like I am here every bit helps.)

Psi Pull these 15 nanites and avoid a fall from the rickety lift.

Get back down to level one. Before leaving cargo bay 2a, navigate the room to the location shown on the minimap to witness this tragic scene. Loot 6 rifled slugs from the headless corpse.

Return to the first level and head right of the replicator.

Bonk this hybrid then grab a med hypo and a surgical unit from the body to the left.

On the second level are six standard bullets.

Bonk another hybrid on the third level before finding five nanites on the body behind him.

Return to the first level and prepare to battle a hybrid and a protocol droid before entering Cargo Bay 2B.

Don't call this lift.

If you do, this maintenance droid is summoned. Not good.

Instead, ride the other lift up to level three. (Level two has nothing, as does this body.) The troublesome security crate holds six armor-piercing bullets and a med hypo.

Find six armor-piercing bullets and a poor-quality pistol on this corpse.

Return below and destroy this turret. Leaning behind the crate makes this much easier.

Beware this maintenance robot on the left. While engaging him, a hybrid may spawn behind you.

Five nanites and a Diego audio log are in this desk.

Listen to the Delacroix audio log and find six anti-personnel shotgun shells from the body on the right before riding the lift up to level two. (Don't activate the malfunctioning lift opposite unless you want to battle another maintenance droid.)

Two cyber modules and six anti-personnel bullets are on this corpse.

Defeat another maintenance bot on level three. Some find it possible to destroy him from level two by shooting through the hole in the floor but I found these boxes provide adequate cover.

Find Malone and Sanger dead. Listen to Sanger's log to learn the engineering control door code is 15061. Sanger also has a French-Epstein device, useful if you want to modify a weapon.

Find ten nanites on this corpse before heading below.

Backtrack to the four-way corridor, then follow the "Engine Core" signs. Hybrids and the occasional protocol droid will attempt to slow you down.

Run the gauntlet back through hell corridor then ride this gravity lift up to engineering control.

Enter with code 15061.

Attempt to access fluidics control and learn that Xerxes has taken it offline. Listen to Delacroix's audio log to learn that hardware override 45m/dEx permits a back door. She helpfully gives you the location of the override, auxiliary storage five - code 34760. Six anti-personnel bullets are on the body.

Find the med hypo before descending the lift.

Return to auxiliary storage five -- here's the map to assist. Enter with code 34760.

Find 45M/dEX and Polito rewards you with ten cyber modules. Chemicals you'll want from here: Ir Cf, V and Sb.

Ten nanites and six standard bullets are in the desk.

Backtrack to Command Control. Place the override unit into this systems monitoring unit to activate Delacroix's back door into fluidics control. Polito uploads ten cyber modules.

Avail yourself of the stats and tech upgrade units in Command Control. Here, I spend eight cyber modules to upgrade hack from two to three.

Don't forget there's a recharge station on the lower level.

Return to engineering control and activate fluidics. Polito uploads ten cyber modules.

Tired of backtracking yet? Return to this previously-sealed door. You are now free to proceed to the engine core.