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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Science

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Use the wrench to smash this table then climb the ladder behind it.

Through another door you'll find this Cryogenics sector access card. Pick it up then use the card reader to the right of the door ahead and advance to the next room. Information terminals like the one on the left offer instructions on System Shock 2's interface.

Listen to the audio log found on this body to learn the code to open the nearby door - 45100.

Exit the room then look right for a rare glimpse of a still-normal human being.

Crawl into this air shaft.

Pick up the power cell (1) then use the recharging station (2). Place the now-charged power cell into the auxiliary power unit (3) to open the door (4). Note the extra wrench on the right in case you missed it earlier.

Pass through the door and Polito uploads four cyber modules to you. You'll find 10 nanites on a body through the door on the left, and through the door on the right are four cybernetic upgrade stations where you can spend your new cyber modules. 20 nanites can be found in the crate seen here. Turn on the lights with the switch under the "Medical Personnel Only" sign.

Four more cybernetic modules can be found on this body for a total of eight. I'm saving up to raise Hack to level 1, which will require 10 modules.

Enter this room behind the body you just searched. To the left is Grassi's audio log -- listen for some background, and you'll find 5 nanites in the crate. The body on the right has a medical hypo, and there's a door that can be hacked if you have the necessary skill. (I don't, but rumor has it you'll find some speed boost hypos and a BrawnBoost implant.)

Also near the body you last searched is this lift. Ride it up.

Exit the lift and go through the door on the right. To your right you can see a speed booster and 6 standard bullets. Use your Psi Pull ability to bring them to you.

In the neighboring room is this body with a Psi Amplifier -- no need to pick it up if you already have one. Don't forget to be reading the information terminals for helpful tips on System Shock 2's user interface. Continue through the door ahead.

Turn right to spot this frustrated ghost. He can't get through the door because he's missing his access card. Grab the 20 nanites from the floor on the right.

The switch seen on the right makes a noise when you press it but I haven't figured out if it does anything. Continue through the doorway straight ahead.

You'll find 20 nanites on this body. The access card the ghost was looking for is right next to it.

Use your wrench to smash this window. Inside is a Psi hypo and 6 rifled slugs. Now return to the door the ghost was trying to get through and use your access card to proceed.

Polito gives you four cyber modules. Be sure to have your wrench at the ready, as these two hybrids attack once you're through the door. Back off as they wind up their swing and with a little luck you'll make it through without a scratch. This is a good spot to practice your technique so save before opening the door.

Search bodies for unresearched objects like this, which you should place in your inventory the first time you encounter them.

With a new total of 12 cyber modules, I return below to the upgrade stations and bring Hack up to level 1. If you haven't already, backtrack to this room and hack the door to grab the goodies.

Return above and turn right to this elevator. Press the yellow button to the left of the elevator doors to trigger Polito's newest instructions. A journal of your objectives is sorely lacking in this game, so here's the synopsis: Medical Subsection (Grassi) ==Key==> Crew Subsection (Dr. Watts) ==Passcode==> Maintenance Access ==Power==> Elevator.

Note the security control station across from the elevator. I was unable to hack this with my measly hacking skill at this time. The arrow leads to the medical subsection.

Before following the arrow to Medical, enter the offices on the left to find a crate with 6 standard bullets and 21 nanites -- if you have Hack level 2. Also inside is a desk containing an audio log from Marie Delacroix.

Follow the arrow and an explosion is seen on the right wall.

Beware the camera at (1) -- you can shoot it out with your weapon of choice, or even club it with the wrench. Listen to Polito's instructions -- the medical subsection is through the door on the right but it's out of power. You'll find the power cell she refers to at (2). Look on the counter behind the desk for an audio log from Curtiz.

Backtrack past the "MED" sign to this corridor.

Through the door on the left is a hybrid, a hanging corpse, and a Quantum bio-reconstruction machine (useful if you die without a quicksave). Also in here is an audio log from Grassi, plus Psi and medical hypos found in body bags.

Through the door on the right you'll find the ship's computer, Xerxes, as well as a ghost using a vending machine and some Helter Skelter-esque graffiti. A pistol can be found on a body by the information kiosk (not shown).

Before leaving the room, make sure to pick up the hidden nanites.

Another audio log from Curtiz can be found here.

Prepare your psi-amp with cryokinesis and turn right at the end of the corridor. Quickly take out the camera.

Switch to psi-pull and grab the two boxes of armor piercing bullets as well as a strength booster. The body and crate are empty. Don't go down, there's a turret at the other end of the corridor.

There's a box of standard bullets next to the turret, but going there is tricky this early in the game. The easy way to get that box is to do the following: get into the above position and crouch. Target the area shown and use psi-pull. If you do it correctly you'll be able to get the bullets without even seeing them. The harder way is to run, take the bullets and run back. But be ready to take a few rounds from the turret if you do.

Exit through the door facing Xerxes' face and find yourself back at the elevator. Continue through the door seen here on the right and then find the chemical storeroom on the left.

Each deck has a chemical storage room such as this. The chemicals are used to research the various body parts you'll find on enemy corpses. Once the research is complete, you will inflict greater damage on the corresponding enemy. The chemical manifest for this storage room is seen on the floor. A gun is on the body and bullets are in the crate. Chemicals you'll be wanting from here: Os, Fm, Sb and Ga.

Continue down the hallway to find this hybrid feeding. (Bullets can be found on the body.) Take him out but don't go down the ladder on the right.

Instead, find these catwalks on the right. If you're a Psi user, Psi pull will grab that Psi hypo on the crate ahead.

Two turrets are below, so move quickly to the power recharge station at (1) and recharge your power cell. Grab 10 nanites at (2) plus two cyber modules and a med hypo at (3) before dashing to the ladder and climbing it up to safety. You can destroy the turrets to get either zero, one or two boxes of standard bullets from the remains (seems to be random). Using cryokinesis, each turret will require 6-8 hits.

Return to the medical subsection bulkhead and place the power cell in the auxiliary power override. (That's it on the left wall.) The door opens and Polito rewards you with four more cyber modules. Use the bulkhead activation switch ahead to enter the medical subsection.