Terraria Walkthrough Ores & Explanation of Bosses

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Ores & Explanation of Bosses

Terraria Walkthrough - Terraria 41
Terraria Walkthrough - Terraria 41

Terraria has been constantly introducing & changing both the ores and the in-game bosses so I'm going to simply tag and stamp the existing ones as of 1.2.2. Going from Left Up to Bottom Right, these ores are..

Copper/Tin, Iron/Lead, Tungsten/Silver, Platinum/Gold.

Then you need to kill a boss called "The World Eater".

Demonite/Crimtane, Hellstone/Obsidian & Meteorite

After that you need to kill the "Wall of Flesh". Continuing on is:

Cobalt/Palladium, Mythril/Orichalcum, Adamantite/Titanium & Chlorophyte.

You summon the first boss by collecting material in their respective biome "Corruption/The Crimson" and then the "Wall of Flesh" by dropping a "Guide Voodoo Doll" into the lava down in "Hell" biome. It is dropped rarely by the flying demons there.

If you have any difficulty defeating these bosses even when adequately geared, please search Youtube for video tutorials on how to do so as I am limited to only images and text. Thank you.

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This Terraria walkthrough is divided into 6 total pages.

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