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Terraria Walkthrough Introduction

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Welcome to Portforward's Terraria Tutorial. In this guide, I will be showcasing the basics of this game and how you can go from a Nothing Nancy to a Fancy Frederika. Keep in mind that I will NOT be able to showcase all the functions, features and content due to the sheer size and constant updating of this game.

You can change a multitude of things such as hair, hair color, cloth color, skin color and even If your character should be "Softcore", "Mediumcore" or "Hardcore". For this tutorial, I highly recommend choosing Softcore to only drop 50% of your in-game currency at death.

Once you're done with creating a character, go ahead and move onto creating a world. I recommend beginning with a "Medium" one as It is most adequate to learning about what's in the game at a decent pacing.

After clicking "Create", the game will start to create a randomly generated world for you to play on.

After a few seconds or minutes (depending on what size you picked) It'll be done and ready for you to jump into, spawning you in a section of the map populated with trees, grass and rocks. A specific, theme based section of a map is referred to as a "Biome" and this one's name is a "Forest". It is plentiful with the vital resource that is wood, which you 'll always be in constant need of.

Start out with going up close to a nearby tree and click "3" to bring out your Copper Axe. This is a starting tool which is vital to harvesting the "Wood" resource by felling trees.

Chop your axe by holding down "M1" with your cursor at the base of the tree and It will eventually (after 12-16 swings) make the tree collapse into the wood resource which you can then pick up. I recommend repeating this until you have atleast about, 250 wood.

Next vital resource for you to gather is "Gel". It is a flammable substance dropped by a monster called "Slime". They are abundant, especially in forest biomes and caves and are relatively easy to kill, depending on the type as they can only damage you by physical contact.

Once monsters die, they shoot out items. These are (whenever possible) automatically sucked up into your inventory for automatic storage (Which can be accessed by pressing Esc) but when they aren't, you can find them lying on the ground.

When you have gathered enough Gel from Slime and Wood from Trees, I recommend exploring the surface, seeking out the location of Chests.

They are world-spawned containers that hold various treasures, be it weapons, metal/mineral resources, ammunition. It is often adviseable to loot them whenever possible and then afterwards..

Take your pickaxe out and "Attack" them to make them let go off the ground and fly into your inventory in order to relocate them at your future base.

After some exploring, try pressing "M" to bring up the in-game map. It will have a "Fog of War" representing areas you haven't been to along with a drawn map to where you have been in within visual length. To return to where you spawned initially, simply jump off a cliff and suicide.