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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough Power Surge!

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You start the next stage from a boss battle. This time, it is Electro. In the first place, you need to destroy the four field generators, in the center. After you destroy the first generator, you will also be attacked by drones. The will keep appearing so, try to destroy the generators as quickly as possible. Behind the second generator, there is upgrade crate #1.

Similarly, the second crate is behind the third generator.

At the fourth generator, you will find another upgrade crate.

After you have disabled the field, go to Time Square and confront Electro, using the Web-Rush.

After the attack, the boss disappears and the danger sensing mode activates. Turn around and press the action key to perform a dodge.

Then, chase the opponent. Once you are out in the streets, avoid his projectiles, because they paralyze, temporarily, your abilities to use web. Fire at the opponent until his halo goes off - then, attack quickly.

Once the boss has 2/3 and 1/3 of health, you will see cutscenes, during which you need to tap, quickly, on the attack key. Towards the end, also fire at the opponent but, this time, you also need to fire at the boss's projectiles.