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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough Claws of the Cat!

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In the next mission, you need to jump onto the back of the police truck and protect it in any possible way

The first ambush is right at the next crossroads. You and the van will be attacked by three armed opponents. It is best to pull their weapons off their hands, in the first place. This is meant to prevent them from damaging the vehicle.

In the left corner of the road block, next to the bus, there is an upgrade crate.

Follow the truck. Before the turn, on the lane of green, in the middle of the road, you will notice another upgrade crate.

Activate the Spider-Sense then, to be able to detect car bombs. Use the web to disarm three cars, parked along the side of the road.

At the next left turn, next to the police car, at the corner of the crossroads, there is another upgrade crate.

The second ambush is a bit ahead. After you have eliminated the opponents, use the web to move away the obstacle on the road.

Two armored trucks are standing at the roundabout ahead. From now on, you need to hurry, while eliminating the obstacles, because the truck is not going to wait for you anymore. At the next block there are more car bombs. At the crossroads ahead, you will meet the last two shooters standing on the roofs of the cars. After the safe passage, jump onto the truck and wait for it to reach the destination.

At the end of the route, to the left of the police car, there is the fourth crate.

After you complete the mission, approach the next marker of the mission. Reach the museum's rooftop and gain access inside, using the venting shaft.

Once in the museum, use the Spider-Sense, to detect opponents, as well as cameras. In the area, there are six of them: two at the opposite side, one on the left, at the upper floor, one on the right at the upper floor, behind the pillar, one at the ground floor and one in the passage to the right of the skeleton in the middle. To immobilize the cameras, you need to use web shoot against them.

One of the ways to eliminate the opponents, without being spotted, is to eliminate them from above. Jump onto the balcony on the right and hide behind the pillar, until the moment at which the guard passes it by and you will be able to attack stealthily.

Then, locate the camera on the pillar next to you and web shoot at it. Now, approach closer to the wall and watch the movements of the next guard. As soon as he starts walking the opposite direction, surprise him from behind.

On the right, at the lower level, you will notice two guards - one of them watching an exhibit and another one, patrolling next to him. Wait for the latter to walk outside of the line of vision of the former and grab him from the wall, or the barrier. Then, rappel on the web and grab the one watching the exhibit.

Then, knock down the guard at the windows. He is looking at the walls, which is why you need to get him from behind but, remember about the cameras. It is best to attack him right after he walks to the end of one of the sides. Now, deal with the last guardian opposite.

You can now get down to the ground level. The best location is the end passage on the right of the hall, where no guard will be looking for you. Wait for the opponents to approach your location and eliminate them, when nobody is watching.

Once you deal with everyone next to you, walk over from the corridor on the right to the one on the left. Here, you eliminate the enemies one after another, because they usually do not see each other.

Upgrade crate #1 is behind the grey screen on the ground floor. The best idea is to look for all the collectibles after there is only one opponent left, before the boss fight.

Another audiolog #12 is on the left side of the hall, behind the green screen.

At the first floor, next to the last pillar, you will find, on the right, another upgrade crate #2. Watch out for the camera next to it.

Audiolog #13 can be found in the last hall at the ground floor, on the left exhibit encased in glass.

The third crate is on one of the exhibits on the ground floor, in the left passage of the corridor.

The fourth crate is on the head of the skeleton, in the middle of the hall.

You can find the last crate on the upper floor, on the left side, next to the window, above the green screen.

Jameson's Photo 5 needs to be shot to the skeleton in the middle of the hall.

The boss fight is not too much of a challenge, after you choose the right strategy. The opponent is landing strong melee attacks and she can throw daggers. She can also make it impossible to you to heal, by attacking by surprise. The key is to wait for her attack and counter with three/four blows. After several combos, Black Cat will start to hide all around the museum. You can track her down, using Spider-Sense.

Once you have her in line of vision, dash towards here or pull her with the web and land a combo.