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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough No one is Safe!

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Go to the theater. Once there, after you end the conversation, go left, where there is audiolog #6 behind the armchairs.

TO the left of the stage, behind the table, there is audiolog #7.

In one of the armchairs, in the front row, there is an upgrade crate.

Walk through the door, into the corridor. Across the door, there is audiolog #8.

Approach the door opened ajar, to put on the outfit. Use the web to remove the grate and enter the venting shaft.

After you walk out, you will notice three hostages and the Russians guarding them. Eliminate them.

To the left of the venting shaft exit, there is an upgrade crate.

On the left side of the room, there is another crate, on the boards at the wall.

Approach the models at the end of the room. On the wooden scaffolding, there is audiolog #9.

You can find one more crate at the other side of the balustrade of the model with white columns.

Audiolog #10 is at the exit gate, on the scaffolding at the wall.

Take a photo of the chest with violet cloth, to obtain Jameson's Photo #3. It is on the floor, at the wall with the model.

Once you deal with the opponents and free the hostages, you can open the gate. Use the web to pull the weight and hop to the other side, quickly, because the gate will soon slam shut.

Another upgrade crate is next to the forklift.

The final crate at the theater is on the left side, across the door to the corridor.

Behind the curve of the corridor, time slows down - you need to look right, where the opponent is attacking from. Press the action key to dodge.

Outside, deal with the Brute and the three goons. Remember that, to deal a blow to the larger opponent, you need to use the Seismic-Blast before that.

After the battle, you will return to the theater. Approach the counter, first, and talk to Fisk. Now, you can leave the theater.

After you reach the docks, walk over pipes. In the spot where the pipes curve, you will notice an upgrade crate.

First of all, deal with the snipers from the building on the right. You can take them both out silently, by approaching them from behind.

On the lower roof of the same building (to the right of the entrance) there is the second crate.

Get now to the tall crane on the left. Atop the crane, there is a crate.

At the other end of the crane, there is another upgrade crate.

Get rid of the criminals guarding the device and destroy it.

Make it over to the building opposite the entrance. In front of it, closer to the bay, there is a crate.

Turn back and opposite the building next to containers, you will notice a robot. Approach it and take a photo for the collection Jameson's Photo #4.

"The next device is being guarded by a Brute. Defeat it with the Seismic-Blast and combos. Then, destroy the device.

Among the containers, there is an upgrade crate. The three enemies can be eliminated by throwing the crate, suspended from the crane, onto them. However, you then need to use the spider web, quickly, to tie them to the ground.

The next upgrade crate is among the containers, towards the entrance.

The ninth upgrade crate is at the barrels, at the docks entrance.

Go towards the hangar on the right. At the flaming barrel, there are two Speeds. First of all, eliminate the guard from above, to prevent being spotted, and throw a gas barrel at the women, which is located to the right of them (requires Throw skill).

Do not forget to tie them to the ground, before they get back up.

In front of the hangar entrance, there is tall wall of containers - inside, there is an upgrade crate.

The last upgrade crate is on the hangar's rooftop.

Audiolog #11 can be found at the hangar on the right, on the whit truck in front of the entrance.

The warehouse is the last building on the right. On the rooftop, there is a venting shaft, which you can take to get inside.

After you enter, you will notice a hostile sniper - take him out quietly.

Jump onto the pipes under the ceiling. On the right, you will notice a crate.

The second upgrade crate is on the same pipe, at the other side.

"Upgrade crate #3

Climb into the venting shaft, where you will find the fourth upgrade crate.

In the venting shaft, you will find the last-but-one upgrade crate.

The fifth crate is on the catch of the crane, at the end of the shaft.

The hostage is being watched by snipers, from both sides. First of all, take out the one on the left. Then, the other one.

Get rid of the last three opponents. Then, free the hostage.

The next mission consists of two activities only: first, meet up with Kraven.

After the cutscene, you will start the fight with Cletus Kasady. The fight is a piece of cake, because the opponent is neither tough, nor does he have any superpowers. You can use all of the techniques that you know, on him. After the battle, walk over to the destination point of the next mission.