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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough Raid on OSCORP

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Reach the rooftop of the OSCORP HQ, where you will have to deal with four armed opponents. Then, using the web, get rid of the helicopter and enter the building, through the opening.

On the right, on the pipe, you will notice an upgrade crate, next to the wall.

Climb up the wall. At the edge, you will notice a guard. Take him out silently, using the web.

To proceed, you need to stop the fan. You can do that by using the Web-Shoot several times.

The second upgrade crate is to the left of the hole in the middle.

"You can collect another crate, after you climb down the hole at the wall, at the end of the corridor.

In the next room, eliminate five opponents, while moving along the pipe, for the whole time. First, get towards the windows and wait for the guard to walk over to the right. Then, pull him up with the web. Than, deal with the one in the doorway.

The guard watching the hostages will approach you- deal with him then. After that, jump over onto the pipes behind the wall, across the hole in the structure. This way, get rid of the opponent at the terminals. The last guard is at the end of the corridor opposite.

After you have cleared the room, you can collect the upgrade crate at the windows, on the left side of the corridor.

On the right, in the corner, there is audiolog #2.

The first photo of the Jameson's Photos is the silver wings, behind the glass pane, opposite the fan. You need to use the camera to unlock this collectible.

Audiolog #3 is on the desk, next to the hostages. You can now free the prisoner separated from the rest - Max, who will open the elevator door for you.

In the second stage of the mission, you need to take the elevator to the bottom, climb back up the elevator shaft - on the very top, there is an upgrade crate.

The second upgrade crate is on one of the even taller reactor structures, to the left of the elevator.

First of all, you need to shoot down the catches of the three structures marked in the room. Once you do that, there will arrive two groups of opponents, which are fighting each other. If you move higher than them, you will get the opportunity to take them down, without being spotted.

Now, you need to mark the four marked OSCORP devices.

The third crate is at the second level, to the right of the elevator door, at the wall.

At the lowest level, you will notice two fans, on the left and on the right. Behind the one on the right, there is audiolog #4 and upgrade crate #4 above it.

Behind the one on the left, there is another upgrade crate #5.

The last, sixth, crate on this level is on the left side of the room, above the OSCORP device that you need to disable.

ON level three, on the right, you will notice tentacles with pincers. Stand in front of these and take another photo for the collection.

The first boss that you are going to fight is the Shocker. He lands three types of attacks: a melee attack, a shockwave and a small AoE wave, over the ground - you then need to move away from the opponent. The key here is dodging and launching quick counters. After you dash away from the opponent, you can dash towards him or pull him with the web, before he lands another attack.

After Shocker's health drops to a half of the initial level, there start poles to appear. Once the boss jumps onto them, use the web to hide them back under the ground. The knocked-down opponent is an easy target now.

At the moment at which Shocker's health drops to zero, you will have to tap the attack key, for three times, at the appropriate moment. After that, the fight ends.

After the fight, you will gain a new skill, which is the Seismic Blast. It works like Shocker's blast wave.