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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough On the Trail of a Killer!

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After the game starts, go towards the marker on the screen. After a moment, the marker will change locations - walk over there and wait for the cutscene to end.

Use the camera to take a shot of the man leaning against the wall. You are going to use the camera frequently, throughout the game.

After you take a shot, time will slow down and there will appear a white marker, above your character - it is a situation, in which Spider-Man senses danger. Use the mouse/analog stick to take a look around and locate the danger - you will notice a falling fragment of the crane, above your head. Press the action key, after which you will start a fight.

The game will guide through the beginning of the fight. The basic thing here is to tap attack keys sufficiently fast and whenever you notice the red marker - dodge. After you land a blow, there will appear a combo meter on the left - the more blows you land without taking damage or escaping from the battle, the higher value will the meter reach. Thanks to this, you will be able to perform more powerful combos and you will reach the next experience level faster.

Use the web on the last bandit. You need to tap the key several times to incapacitate the opponent. At this point, you can land the final blow. At the high combo level, you can use this key to perform some more interesting combinations, which eliminate opponents faster.

After you defeat the opponents, another target appears on the map. You will get there faster, using the Web Rush, thanks to which you can move over the map, after you define the next point on the map. This is also useful during the battle.

At the destination point, there are 3 fights for you to play - each with four opponents. First of all, use Spider Sense to locate all of the weapon crates that you need to secure. Then, attack any opponent with Web Rush.

If you sustained any wounds, during the battles, you can heal yourself by using the Heal key. Still, you need to watch out then and make sure that you are not attacked, while doing that.

After you have dealt with the Russians, use the web to secure weapon crates.

Some of the opponents use various weapons, e.g. firearms. One you notice a white danger marker, dodge using the action key + the movement key, in any direction. Then, use Web-Pull, to pull the weapon out of the opponent's hand.

Once you have incapacitated the most important opponents, you will get the opportunity to interrogate them, to learn more about the storyline. These interrogations are not compulsory, nor do they influence the game, which is why you can skip them at any moment, by selecting "Finish conversation".