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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough Day of the Hunter!

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From now on, whenever your hero meter reaches a negative value, marked as "Menace", you will be chased by the special forces. You can either escape from them, defeat them or raise your meter to the heroic level, by completing side missions. To be able to complete the next missions, you need to do, at least, two of the three actions: street crime, fire or a pursuit. Since the fire is a new event, it has been explained below.

The pursuit is similar to the event of arresting Carradine - you need to jump onto the marked vehicle and eliminate the opponent on the rear seat and, after you rip off the rear window, pull the hostage out.

After you have performed the action, and boosted the Heroic Level, you can approach the mission marker. After you defeat the opponents, you will have to deal with a bigger opponent - Brute. To attack him, you need to use Seismic Blast, by holding down the web shoot key. After several blasts, the opponent will give up. After the cutscene, walk over to the next destination.

"Once you get there, exit through the door. Follow the corridor and start a conversation with Kraven. After the conversation, you need to take three photos of interesting objects.

ON the wall to the left, you will notice a big skull. This is where you should take the first photo.

The second interesting object is the globe at the window.

In the middle of the room, you will notice the largest skull - it is the last object to take a photo of. After that, Kraven invites you upstairs.

Before you follow him upstairs, collect three upgrade crates. The first one is behind the model of the city, next to the window.

The second one is in the right corner of the room, next to the sofa and the wall.

The final one, after you climb the stairs, behind the piano. After another conversation with Kraven, leave the apartment.