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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough Into the Lion's Den!

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You start the next stage in Peter's room. Walk down to the living room - there is an upgrade crate on the table. Exit the building then and meet up with Kraven

Take a photo of each criminal. You need to stay undetected. The "awareness level" meter will start to rise, as soon as you are spotted. As soon as it fills up, you will have to restart the mission.

Then, jump onto the building in a way that allows you to see the alley between the buildings. Once you notice the forklift, take a shot of the crates on the fork.

Then, after the white van gets out into the streets, you will have to follow it to the destination. Do not approach it too much, to prevent being spotted.

Once there, locate the sewer manhole. This will take you into the abandoned metro station.

Behind the planks, there is an upgrade crate. Enter the railway car then.

Quietly, eliminate the opponent and climb onto the ceiling.

On the metro station, there are seven opponents. To prevent being spotted, you can eliminate them in the order specified in the above screenshot. The seventh guard is under the floor - you can deal with him later on.

On the crates at the wall, there is another upgrade crate.

In the hole, where there is a single guard standing, next to the headlight, on the crates there is audiolog #5.

In the crate, under the wrecked car, there is an upgrade crate in the corner.

After you have eliminated the enemies, collect the outfit in the corner of the room.

Walk under the damaged car, to the lower level. Here, you will find the last guard.

In the water, there is another upgrade crate. Cross the grate now.

Time will slow down, after you exit the room. You need to turn back and press the action key to perform a dodge. Speedy is a very fast opponent but, it is easy to defeat him. The easiest method is to pull him with the web and land a quick combo.