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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Walkthrough Live by the Sword

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At the beginning of the next mission, you need to reach the highest communications tower where, using Spider-Sense, you will be able to locate three antennas below. You need to climb onto each one of them.

The next crate is lying on the rooftop of the building opposite the tower.

Once you turn, you will notice another upgrade crate, next to the previous one, on the same rooftop.

And there is one crate more, on the rooftop, under the last dish on the left.

from now on, you will be able to conduct interrogations concerning street crimes. They are available only for some time but, there will be still appearing new ones. They are not considered additional missions but, they constitute the opportunity to gain more experience points, as well as they diversify the game. They consist in obstructing criminals from doing their job.

After you reach another mission point, and deal with several opponents, the building next to you will be set on fire, where your mission is to rescue the man inside. Before you enter the building, collect the upgrade crate from the generator to the right of the building's entrance. Jump in through the window above the entrance and climb two stairs up. Use Spider-Sense to locate the man.

On the first floor, after you get to the stairs, from the side of the window, cross the door opposite your target. In the last room, there is another upgrade crate.

The last crate at this level, is in the room with the trapped Stan, in front of the flames, next to the desk.

Then, use the web to extinguish the fire, by destroying the pipe, and carry the civilian out of the building, through the window opposite and take him to the stretcher, next to the ambulance.

Then, go to the Comic Stand. It is a small store where you can, among others, view the comic pages that you have found, or the unlocked statuettes.

Inside, on the tabletop, there is an upgrade crate. Exit the store and go towards the next marker.

After the cutscene, jump onto the car, You cannot stand in one spot, because you will then fall off the vehicle. First, walk over to the left side of the car, open the door with the action key and start tapping the attack key quickly, to pull the opponent off the car.

Walk over onto the trunk, now and rip off the rear window, using the web. Now, rescue the passenger sitting on the rear seat.

On the map, there will appear another destination. Once you reach it, you will notice the "CK" symbol, painted on the wall. Use the camera to take a shot of it. At the same time, it is the first collectible - a photo of the Photo Investigation series. After the cutscene, you will also receive the first audiolog #1.

Finally, return home. In your room, you can change your outfits and replay the missions that you have already completed. In the middle, on the carpet, you will find an upgrade crate. Go down to the ground floor and pay a visit to the aunt. After the conversation ends, exit the house.