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"At the beginning of this mission, you need to jump on the buttons in the displayed order. The sequence changes three times.

Then, position the two reflectors correctly, by moving them to the end.

Then, position the camera by using the crank. Also shoot/throw at the reflector above the camera. The second camera needs to be moved closer to the filming set. Finally, destroy the clothes and rebuild the bricks, as Uni-Kitty, to position the next object.

Then, a Micro Manager will arrive. Hide behind the wall in a way that enables the enemy to smash the golden vases with laser. Then, destroy the opponent and rebuild it. By moving the laser cannon, you will gain access to the terminal room.

After a cutscene, you will be joined by the Bad Cop. His pistol, after you hold down the action key, shoots laser beams. Destroy the painting in the golden frame and move the wall to the right. Behind, you will find a crank, which needs to be worked into the device in the left corner.

In the room with the wall, use the laser pistol to cut a passage in the gold bricks.

In the next room, you need to destroy the cracked servers to use them o build the rocket. To do that, use Metalbeard. After you destroy it, and melt the golden block, exposed by the slam, with the Bad Cop's pistol, there will appear a robot with a jetpack. Hit it and use it in the architect mode, as a construction element.

Also, destroy the white containers to obtain a golden manual. In here, you will find 6 such containers.

Climb to the higher level on the left and destroy the Micro Manager. Then, hack into the computer in the corner. This will make a bridge slide out, over which to walk as Metalbeard.

Do the same thing in the case of the third server, on the right side of the hall. After you attach the last elements, the rocket will be ready.