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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Infiltrate the Octan Tower

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"Another location is Metalbeard's ship. The objective is to collect the five fragments of the plans. The first one is behind the hidden door, on the right side of the board.

You will reach the higher level by moving the couch. However, there are some bricks missing - to move the couch, fix the floor with the bricks off the object suspended from one of the funnels.

As Wyldstyle, make it upstairs and smash the objects there. Using one of them, you will be able to build a ladder for the rest of your companions. With the parts of another - a fuse. As batman, shoot down the torch to blow up the lower deck.

Now, walk down to the lower deck and attach the rope to the marked hook. Go back up and use bricks to create a path, over which Vitruvius will be able to make it to the ship's bow, where there is the second fragment of the plans.

As Wyldstyle, climb onto the mast. You will be transferred to the backline. Collect the plans and smash the objects next to it. You will be able to use the elements to build a ladder for the rest of the team.

As Batman, you now need to climb higher and higher to open the storage. There, you will find a faucet for the valve, which you need to build into the engine in the wall. Now, over the steam, make it higher, as Kitty, to smash the rainbow-colored bricks and use them to build stairs.

At the ship's stern, you will now have to build a structure in the architect mode, and collect the last fragments of the plans. Then, return to the center of the boat and build a vehicle, according to the plans, as Emmet.

In the hangar, you will be controlling Metalbeard. His unique abilities, apart from the speedy elimination of groups of enemies, are the ability to smash silver bricks, grabbing enemies and throwing them. First, you need to destroy the incoming robots. This will result in the rest of the team joining you. With the drill, destroy the pillar in the upper part of the hangar, and the silver layer under it, with Metalbeard's cannons - hold down the attack key and aim at the block.

As Wyldstyle jump onto the elevation and press the red button. This will open an electric box. Switch to Metalbeard and pick up the robot, with the Special button, and aim at the box, by holding down the attack key. The short circuit will make the elevator activate.

As Batman, go upstairs and use the rope to pull the blocks from the wall. Then, enter the architect mode and build a terminal. Switch to Benny and hack into it.

To proceed on, you need to destroy the gate hinges. They are made of silver bricks so, you need to use Metalbeard's cannons for that.

In the second part of the hangar, you will encounter a stronger resistance, by robot guards. Also, an assault ship will arrive. Destroy it, using Batman's rope. Using its parts, you will build a trampoline. As Vitruvius, jump up on the trampoline and walk over the flames, over the white-and-blue beam.

Stop in the blue field, next to the terminal, where you will be able to activate stairs. Then, switch to Benny and deal with the terminal - this will win you control over the robot above - grab the robot, as Metalbeard, and cause a short circuit in the electric box. This action will activate a bigger elevator for the pirate.

Finally, approach the gate and smash it, using the cannons. You will walk into the last room.

First of all, jump over the laser beams, as Wyldstyle, in the marked spot. Also, build a passage above them, for the rest of the team. At the other side, use the drill and build a passage, past the next barrier, with the remaining objects.

At the third stage, you first need to build a catapult and activate it with the crank. With the bricks that you obtain this way, and the elements on the pillars, build another item, which will make it possible for you to proceed.

You will be able to proceed with the password breaker, built from the calculator. You need to tap in the password on the note, by walking on the keys (0.25697).