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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land

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"IN the next land, you gain Batman, as a new companion. He can pull some of the elements to himself, throw the batarangs, climb into inaccessible areas, using the rope, and he is also an architect. On the clouds, there are 5 colorful flowers - throw the staff at them, or the batarang. After you have destroyed all of them, you will obtain a golden manual.

To lower the neighboring cloud, and be able to mount it, pop all of the colorful balloons, with the batarangs, or the staff. You can mark three targets at a time.

At the end of the cloud, build a sail, off the smashed bricks. Then, hit the target on the left to turn the sail.

You will also find 3 colorful structures. Smash them and rebuild them into snowmen. As a reward, you will receive a golden manual.

Using the spring to the left of the passage, you can bounce off and jump onto the cloud wall. Climb higher - up there, you will find another golden manual. To enable the rest to climb up, push the Lego block down the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, by switching to Batman, you will be able to rebuild it into stairs.

Some of the hidden passages can be unlocked by tapping the correct password into them. This can only be done by a character with a staff (here: Vitruvius). After you stop in the field, in front of the passage, and press the Special key, you will start a minigame where you need to press the correct sequence of Jump and Attack keys.

The party is joined by Uni-Kitty. She can reconstruct the rainbow-colored bricks and build them into specific structures. To smash the brick quickly, press and hold down the attack key and mark the two, semi-transparent, flowers, to destroy them.

At the top of the stairs, you will notice a blue waiter-robot. As Batman, aim at the golden hook and pull the lid. Repair the inside of the robot as Emmet.

Another robot will arrive - take a shot at the target on its right palm, and jab the staff into the middle of the blue robot. As Wyldstyle jump up and push down the colorful brick, which Kitty will use to build a trampoline.

Ahead, approach the blue toaster and pull the platform. Off the platform, jump onto the toaster's button, as Kitty and Wyldstyle. Use the toasts that jump out and build a structure.

At the next stage, destroy the rainbow arch (Batman) and use the bricks to construct a bridge. Be on a lookout for darker clouds. After you have destroyed five such clouds, you will receive a golden manual.

Pull the kettle on the right as Batman. Climb by sticking the stick into the correct spots.

On the top, to the right of the rainbow, you will notice a flower - destroy it and put the crank, which falls out, into the object next to the big yellow chicken.

As Batman, climb higher and pull the chicken your way. You will now be able to walk, as Wyldstyle inside. She will exit through the chicken, inside the colorful egg - roll it down the edge and build stairs. Approach the rainbow arch now, as Vitruvius, and tap in the password. You will be able to proceed.

At the next stage, pull the block to the right of the elephant's head and destroy the bricks on the left, using the drill. Also, collect the plans at the balustrades.

Now, as one of the architects, you can build a vehicle. Get into the vehicle and stop next to the elephant to scare it. Climb over the wall, as Wyldstyle and collect plans on top. With your plans complete, you can build a rocket that will take you away fr