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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Bricksburg Construction

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"You are now in Bricksburg. This is the city where the main protagonist lives. Follow the green trail to reach the construction site. In front of the gate, repair the mechanism by holding down the Special key, while in front of the object.

Go left now, to the indicated area and press the Special button to initiate action.

The construction screen will pop up, where you need to perform a simple action of matching the missing objects, shown on the right side of the screen, from the selection of items on the left. The faster you can find the missing element, the more studs you will obtain.

In the next stage, walk over to the storage on the left and fix the door mechanism. Enter and collect the drill. This will allow you to destroy the cracked objects.

After you have taken the drill, approach the window of the building on the right, press and hold down the action button and destroy it. Repeat for the rest of the cracked windows.

You also need to destroy the garden around the building. By holding down the action button, move around and destroy the bricks, until the progress bar reaches 100%.

Behind the gate, destroy the cracked object, next to the trailer, and jump onto the trailer. Push the generator over to the end and proceed with it towards the building. You can find the other generator over to the left, at the gate.

Get over to the right now, where you will spot a crane. Switch to Gail now and fix the damaged object. This will allow you to get onto the building's rooftop.

On the rooftop, move the plug towards the café, jump onto the roof and fix the loudspeaker. Opposite, there is another one - to get to it, you need to destroy the cracked object to the left of the radio.

After you fix the loudspeaker, a dancing minigame will start. It consists in pressing the appropriate keys, whenever you see its icon in the yellow circle. Depending on the number of correct buttons that you have pressed, you will receive a proportionate number of studs.

After you have completed this task correctly, you will receive pants- one of the elements that can be unlocked in the game, which can be later used. Now, take the other, missing, part of the plans from the worker on the left side of the roof and return where you have earlier demolished the building. Start building according to the plan.

After you have built the vehicle, get in and press Down, and then Up, when the yellow line enters the green field, as close to the white as possible.

After the cutscene, you will start falling down a hole. Collect studs while falling through the circles. Then, you will have to move down the tunnel. The studs are arranged in the form of a slalom, which is why they are easy to collect.

Now, as Wyldstyle, make your way to the police station, by following the trail of green bricks. This character will make it possible to take high jumps, climb and cling on to bars.