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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land

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"A new character joins your team - Benny. He can hack into computer terminals, which activate special actions. In this case, this will make the cargo plane move between two clouds.

On the neighboring isle, you can start the net mission in the submarine. On the ship, you will find a golden manual. You can collect it with any character.

Similarly, the second golden manual is on the right wing, at the back of the boat.

You will now be playing your characters interchangeably. First, as Wyldstyle climb onto the spray can and jump on it. Then, make it over to the higher level as Batman. There, use the architect mode to eliminate the enemies.

"Again, as Wyldstyle make it over the bars to the building's fragment, which has been attached to the boat. There, initiate the architect mode and combine the objects into a computer terminal. After you have hacked it, start the architect mode, as Vitruvius, in the green field.

First, destroy and rebuild the structure in the corner. Thanks to this, there will appear a net on the wall, over which Wyldstyle will be able to make it onwards. Use the crank at the wall for the rest of the group to join you.

There will appear a robot with a rocket launcher. Hide behind the silver structures to destroy them. Use the scattered bricks to build a computer terminal and upload a virus. This will result in taking control over the robot.

First, destroy the Micro Manager with bazooka. Then, destroy the silver door, at the foot of the clock tower.

Use the clock's cuckoo to build access to the upper floor. Make it over to the rooftop and enter the architect mode (Uni-Kitty).