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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Put the Thing on the Thing

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"To start the next mission in the Octan Tower, you need to open the door first. To do that, you need to fix the ramp, jump up as Wyldstyle and make it over to the lever using the bars on the wall.

On the belt, there will appear two additional objects, thanks to which you will be able to build a TV set, in the architect mode. After you are done, a row of robots on the left will be released.

Now, once the elevator is available, get up and destroy three structures that hold parts of the plans inside. After you have destroyed the first object and robots, enter the room behind the glass pane.

Here, move the brick with the bar. Then, exit and jump over to the other side, as Wyldstyle and open the door for Emmet. After you have destroyed the second object, build a trampoline and make it over to the third one. Build a ladder beforehand, so that the companion can join you. With all the fragments of the plans, build a structure in the middle of the hall.

After you have built a loudspeaker, you will be attacked by robots. After a while, there will appear objects on the belt, which you will be able to use to build a jukebox.

Again, you will have to play through a dancing minigame. After you finish it, walk over to the right side of the room and use the drill on the crack on the wall. Then enter.

At the next stage, destroy the four blocks in the four corners of the hall. While trying to make it over to the other side, once you stand a the same level as the screen, the alarm system will go off. You need to get back and wait for the red block to be in front of you. Then jump over it and quickly, go ahead.

At the second passage, you need to get around the alarm system again. Halfway there, you will notice a golden manual. You can jump to reach it, from the position that you are in right now.

After you have destroyed all of the security systems, o to the red bridge and reach its end.

At the next stage, you need to set your companions free, by shooting/ throwing at them once. As soon as you free everybody, silver robots will arrive. You cannot destroy them, yet.

As Wyldstyle jump up in the marked area and make it over the bars. Then, approach the right wall and fix the damaged mechanism, using the wrench. Then, climb up the ladder, as Benny, and hack into the computer.

You will gain control over one of your opponents. While holding down the attack key, you will be able to shoot a laser beam. Destroy the golden support on the left side of the hall. Eliminate the remaining robots now, with Metalbeard's cannons.

You can destroy the last robot by putting the staff in its legs first, and grabbing on to it as Wyldstyle. Then, with the intercepted robot, destroy the weapon of the golden robot. Finally get it onto the ground, with Batman's rope, and drill through it.