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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Return from Reality

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"You will start playing in the crater. From now on, Emmet can use the architect ability - he can build new elements in the green fields. To crawl out of the hole, you first need to drill the cracked blocks and build a magnetic grapple, to remove the remains of the high-voltage post.

Then, using the drill, destroy the cracked bricks in the middle of the square. This will create a hole, where you need to lure the two hostile robots.

You will be joined by Gail. Climb onto the bar on the left. You will find a golden manual there. Then, pull up on the second bar to eliminate the Micro Manager and proceed onwards.

Destroy the back of the tank - this will cause the leakage of water. Fill the fire extinguisher with water and put out the flames on the stairs.

As Gail, climb higher and lower the ladder. You will obtain another water container by smashing the water machine in the corner of the room. On the higher level, hide behind the golden pillar to make the Micro Managers destroy it with laser beams and build a launchpad.

After you walk into the next location, fix the lock mechanism in the door and move the brick, which is blocking the way, as much to the right as possible. Once you have moved it, there will appear a golden manual behind it.

Now, as Gail, climb up and destroy the toilet. In the neighboring stall, you will find a hidden golden manual. Put out the flames and walk to the next stage.

In the first place, you need to smash the cracked block on the right. This will unblock water flow. Put out the flames on the left and mount the faucet on to the concrete mixer. Then, push the roadroller towards her.

Put out the flames next to the building and fix the ramp. Above, destroy another cracked block.

Finally, as Gail mount the crane and lower it to the very bottom. Now, off the available objects, build a mech, as Emmet.

In the next level, you will start in the streets of Bricksburg. You need to get to the other end of the road, while defeating the hordes of hostile Micro Managers. You will also receive help from Superman. He can fly (double-tap the Jump key) and shoot laser beams, which he destroys enemies quickly with. Emmet can also lift bigger objects and throw them at enemies.

Along your path, you will encounter a road block. You can remove it by destroying the first layer of golden bricks, as Superman. Destroy the second layer by throwing a tank at it.

At the end of the road, you will be joined by Green Lantern. He also can fly and modify the green Lego blocks. First, walk to the right corner of the square and build a statue off the blocks. For that, you will receive a golden manual.

Then , destroy the tank and use Green Lantern's ability on the green bricks. To start destroying another road blockade.

The remains of the blockade can be destroyed with remains of the trailer thrown at it. For that, use Emmet's robot.

The action now moves to the rooftops. Eliminate the Micro Managers and modify the car in the corner, as any character.

You now need to get to the antenna on the building's wall. Get there as Wyldstyle, over bars, or fly up to it as Wonder Woman and cling to the edge. Once the antenna falls, use the bricks to build a terminal.

After you hack the computer, you will seize control over the robot with the rocket launcher. Fire it towards the silver block of the blockade.

Finally, complete destroying the blockade by throwing the second part of the trailer, at the second vertical point at the blockade. After you do that, you start the final showdown.