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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land

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"To start the next mission, destroy the wall of the rainbow Bricks at the end of the green trail (the mission marker) and build them into stairs.

The water from the upper level will extinguish fire on the right of the starting point. Go there and, at the end of the path, open the hidden passage as Vitruvius.

Over the walls, get to the higher level and jump over the turntables. At the end, you will find Emmet imprisoned by the robot. While standing next to him, switch to him and attack the robot with the wrench, by pressing the Special key.

"As you return, watch out for the laser beams. Backtrack to the beginning and free Batman from the block. Switch to him and pull the flower off the wall, which will allow you to climb up, after being reconstructed.

"While above, apart from the necessity to eliminate big waves of robots, you will also have to eliminate the flying robots. To do that, use the batarangs on the red eye of the robots, after which they will turn away and you will be able to use the grapple to destroy them.

Your next task is to free Uni-Kitty. Use the drill on the pipes at the wall and build a beam. As Vitruvius, walk over to the other side and unlock a secret passage in the center of the brick wheel.

As Batman destroy the lurking robot and fix Abraham Lincoln's vehicle as Emmet. You are now able to walk over the white bricks, through the jelly river.

Approach Uni-Kitty. After you switch to her, hold down the Special key to activate Fury. Meanwhile, eliminate the approaching robots. Then, jump down the edge and free Wyldstyle from the egg.

You will be attacked by a larger robot. To eliminate it, you need to: throw the staff/batarangs at it, jump onto its back as Wyldstyle and drill it after it collapses.

After you reconstruct the robot, you need to get inside and aim the laser at the golden part of the rocket. You are going to use its parts to build a vehicle in the architect mode.

After you have built the two cars, take your place in one of them and put out the fire at the other side of the map. Then, get out and climb up.

At the top, hide from the laser beam, behind the golden pyramid in the center. Smash the rainbow-colored bricks and build a trampoline off them.