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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Escape from Bricksburg

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"While at the police station, you will be attacked by police robots. After you have eliminated them, approach the scattered bricks in the middle of the room and build a laser gun. This will allow you to destroy everything within sight - most importantly, the gold-brick constructions.

To destroy the passage, you need to aim at the hollow area, which will cause the laser to block down. You can now move over the line on it, to cut a rectangular hole.

Inside, you will find one of three parts of the plans. In the corner on the left, destroy the support(as Emmet). Exit as Wyldstyle and jump over to the higher level, over the support.

At the edge, build a trampoline, which will enable you to run over the wall to the other side. There, you will find and object at the wall, which you need to push down.

Get down and use the bricks to build a trampoline. Using it, jump to the higher level, with Emmet, by holding down the Jump key, in order to jump higher.

Now, use the drill to destroy the blue-orange bricks and walk into the room. There, you will find the second part of the plans. Activate the switch on the left and destroy the fan. Rebuild it, thanks to which you will be able to leave the room.

Use the laser to destroy the wall of gold bricks and get to work. Switch to Wyldstyle, and collect the last part of the plans.

Approach the construction panel, as Emmet, activate the construction screen and build a ladder. After you are done, use the crank on its right side and go up.

On the higher level, destroy the object at the left wall and build a trampoline, as Wyldstyle. Jump off it and move along the ceiling.

Halfway across the ceiling, jump down onto the projecting support. At the end of the support, there is a golden manual. After you get back up, proceed to the right. One of the opponents is destroying the bridge - jump over to the other side of the bar. In the meantime, you will have to switch to Emmet, to eliminate the robot with a bazooka.

Lower the ladder and jump higher over the walls. There, you need to wait until you fix the power box as Emmet. Then, using the trampoline, run over to the other side, destroy the fan and reconstruct it with Emmet.

As Emmet, jump onto the platform and destroy the wall with the drill. Collect the studs and walk over to the corridor on the right.

You are now in the backstreet, behind the building. The object on the right can be interacted with to save the game in that point.

Approach the green fence in the middle of the alley and enter the building mode, as Wyldstyle. Select the items highlighted in green and release the action button. This is not the end of the building, yet.

As Emmet, destroy the two cracked objects at both sides of the alley. At this point, enter the building mode again and complete the vehicle. Then mount it.

As you speed along the highway, you will often have to switch between the characters. Each time you see a trail of studs, you need to jump, as Wyldstyle, between vehicles and eliminate the enemy vehicles, by targeting them and pressing the action key.

While atop the bus, you will notice a green circle, with which you need to mark, in the building mode, the cards on the flatbeds in front of you.

Finally, you will have to start destroying a lot of enemy vehicles, by shooting at their backs. Once you have destroyed all of the cars, start aiming at the helicopter backs (the spots will be marked with a blue arrow).